Young guys  

dreamkitty63 48F
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8/30/2005 10:44 pm

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4/8/2006 6:00 pm

Young guys

What can i say? I LOVE em! I love the stamina that young men have. I love the eagerness they bring to the experience. I'm not saying that there arent plenty of attractive men out there my own age or even a bit older than i. Young men are just my preference. Everyone has them, what are some of yours?

Priapeo 47M

8/31/2005 8:31 am

Mine, for instance, are women slightly older than me... just slightly, like 1 year or so.

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rm_MikeR47 60M

10/26/2005 1:38 pm

Well everyone has their preferences. I just think it's kind of a shame that generally speaking, older men are viewed or thought of as lacking what you've posted about younger men. And it's been my understanding from the women I've had the pleasure of being with, that older men have refinement, knowledge, patience, and endurance that more than make up for a younger man's zest or eagerness as you put it. Younger men are at that stage where they'll bed just about any woman that has a pulse and breathing. As the man (in most cases) one gets older they realize the importance of a woman's personality and intelligence, among other important characteristic makeups. He therefore becomes a little more particular in whom he desires to be with. In closing I'll leave with this: Two bulls, one young and the other old, were on a hill top looking down into the valley below at some cows. The younger bull said "Hey, why don't we run down there and get us one of them cows?" To which the old one replied "Why don't we WALK down there and get them all." And no, don't go reading into it thinking I'm calling women "cows". It's just a cute analogy regarding men's age and women's perceptions of it.

rm_sexspaz69 37M

2/16/2006 4:24 pm

For us younger guys it’s great to be with older women. They have experience and a level of sexuality unmatched by younger girls. Its ironic women get better with age like fine wine, while men decline with age like cheep gin.

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