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One Woman Writes

One Woman Writes

(Note: The letter was edited for content by myself)

And your perception is what really caught my attention. And that is your gift to me. To find someone who express much of what I write about in my own personal journal on AdultFriendFinder just blew me away. Dearest, your words took me immediately to that quiet place within my center, that introspective seeker within that I keep well hidden from the every day world.

I will share with you an insight of who I am not only as a Woman but an Adult making their way through that broken landscape of our society.

I am not looking for the "Love of my life" not yet any ways but you have caressed my heart in a way I needed this week and that is your gift
to me and I thank you for that...And you’re not alone in dealing with the IGNORANT in your immediate area. You’re a self realized human being and the vastness of your reality intimidates the unaware. Just remember in your
frustrations with others that the simple minded are easily entertained. I know I am too much of a freebird to ever settle and I definitely understand why you seek in the REAL world and find the on-line reality lacking , as we
both know it holds no substance.

The way you think impresses me the most "Free Wll" and "Choice" those are the gift's we were all given at birth. But, with those gifts comes
REASONABILITY'S that the human condition refuses to accept let alone acknowledge. They all want some "God" to do that for them. I don't know who
your teachers were or if you were self taught but you are a rare "Gift".

It was quite a nice letter to receive, at least I thought so. Whether or not all would agree with the thoughts, is left to the individual. My motive here is not to toot my own horn or to seek praise. I write because it makes “me“ feel good. If someone should find some benefit in what is written, that’s a bonus. You are most welcome to entertain the thoughts and make up your own mind on where you stand.

There was one part of it though that made me wonder quite a bit and so I thought I should write about it. The part I speak of is, “you’re a self realized human being and the vastness of your reality intimidates the unaware”.

in-tim-i-date 1. To make timid; scare. 2. To discourage from acting by threats or violence

I wondered about the implications of the statement if the words could be known to hold some truth. Could I actually make someone scared or timid? Truth be known, I cannot make anyone feel something they do not wish to feel. About the only thing I have the most control over is my “Self”. My own thoughts and choices. Everyone else makes their own choices too. If perhaps they draw fear from what I have written, then maybe they lack the encouragement to look at themselves and to make better choices. Maybe they would rather not change and are happy the way they are. Whatever the reasons are, all is good and what is meant to be will come in it’s own time. I do not attach myself to the words or the outcome. I just present them as best as I can and I send them off with a little piece of hope.

I’m just a man. I work, pay my bills and put my pants on just like everyone else. I have my own demons that I face on a daily basis. My struggle is your struggle. If there is something to be gleaned from this, it might be the thought that we are not alone. I spend a lot of time in solitude and this is something I struggle with. Together, much more can be accomplished than individually.

Which brings me to another thought. I ask the question, “Why has it become so easy to forget the “Golden Rule”? Have people just forgotten about it or do they not know it even exists? If they know it exists, why don’t we see more of it? “Love thy neighbor as thyself”. In other words, treat others the way you would like to be treated. I understand the negative elements in this world and am not opposed to self-defense. I would like to see more of a positive influence in this world than the negative. But in the countless goings on around us, this ideal seems to be vanishing. It seems to be more of a do unto others before they do unto you. Not quite the same thing I’m afraid and not of the same intention. It’s quite the opposite.

What can you do, right? Throw up your hands in defeat? Let the bad overcome the good? The only way the darkside can have it’s way… “Is When Good Men and Women Do Nothing”! Just start with yourself and do what you can. The butterfly affect will do the rest.

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