Lessons from Life  

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Lessons from Life

Lessons From Life
By Ronald Russell

A child that lives with ridicule
learns to be timid.
A child that lives with criticism
learns to condemn.
A child that lives with distrust
learns to be deceitful.
A child that lives with antagonism
learns to be hostile.
A child that lives with affection
learns to love.
A child that lives with encouragement
learns confidence.
A child that lives with truth
learns justice.
A child that lives with praise
learns to appreciate.
A child that lives with sharing
learns to be considerate.
A child that lives with knowledge
learns wisdom.
A child that lives with patience
learns to be tolerant.
A child that lives with happiness
will find love and beauty.

The ideas expressed above are certainly some food for thought. The page it was taken from I think was a Reader’s Digest, ohhh sooo many long years ago. It hangs on my bulletin board, seasoned with age and a bit tattered. Sorta like me. (laughs) Doesn’t seem to make any difference in the message though. To me, the thoughts still ring true as a bell. I’m going to make a copy and keep it safe for future reference. I love the words and thoughts and the meaning behind the author’s motivation. If only more would take some of these ideals to heart, I’m sure you would see a big change in the world around us. That may be a bit much to ask but… I ask anyway.

In order for change to take place, we must first take stock of who and what we are. That would take some introspective analysis and also some mirrors could be helpful too. The mirrors I’m speaking of is… other people’s opinions. These other opinions may not always be correct because they stem from the viewpoint of the individual and that is only a reflection of their point on the path. You must make up your own mind as to the value of these opinions based on your own knowledge and experience. Just do the best you can. No more could be asked of you.

An “examined” life, I believe is something we should all do. I studied some of the work of Edgar Cayce, also known as “The Sleeping Prophet”. He is one of the most documented psychics of recent times. His legacy still lives on, in Virginia Beach, VA. His works have reached all around the globe. Some of his insights leave a person changed… “forever”. Once “enlightened”, it’s very hard to go back to the darkness. One of the things I recall vividly is this: (I will try to quote as best I can from memory), “A person who has mastered the “Self”, has done a greater thing than one who has built a city”. This is certainly up for interpretation by the individual. Not everyone may agree and that’s fine. It is given to you to choose your own thoughts and make up your own opinions. I just happened to find some significance in the quote just mentioned.

The “Self” he speaks of is “your” individuality. I do not think he meant those words in some “cookie cutter” fashion, where everyone is the same. But possibly to the effect where the same ideals can be shared in different ways.

Something else that holds some significance for me is a quote from I believe, John F. Kennedy. He may have gotten it from somewhere else but it doesn’t matter, what matters is the message and I quote, “The rising tide lifts all boats”.

If anyone desires to change the world, they need not look any further than the “Self”. When you change “yourself”, you change the world because in essence, “you” are a part of the world and “the rising tide lifts all boats”. Change comes, “one step at a time” and “one person at a time”. The journey of a thousand miles begins with “one” step. It’s a matter of choice and what legacy you would like to leave for yourself.

If “I’m” going to die anyway… “Let It Stand For Something”!!

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Thank you for stopping by MZ. It was my pleasure to offer but a small part of myself. If you can find even a small tidbit for yourself, it is worth the effort.

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