Going home!!!!  

rm_dreamfunsa 60M/59F
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5/28/2006 11:47 pm
Going home!!!!

I am sitting here holding a very important man in my arms, baby Gerrit! My Uk trip has come to a end, we are flying out tonight.

It has really been great. There were so many special things that I saw and that happened ...... it would be near impossible to say what was the highligte except for being there to witness Gerrit's birth.

We have seen so much. Been to so many places, Manchester, Liverpool, Dover , Oxford..... and the list continues!

Yesterday I would have told you the best place was Eastbourne..... I could stay there fotever if I could live on a farm like (not allowed to use the name). We stayed there 2x andf I just loved it. But then yesterday we went to Harrods. I enjoyed it, it was just a very nice shop. I loved the Toy world and we took lots of pics of Gerrit between the toys..... but then, as we were leaving we went and looked at the glassware. I had goosedumps! I have never seen anything so beautiful! I walked arround in absolute wonder..............it was so unreal........... I had never imagened that there could be such beautiful glass ware! I felt as if I was Alice in wonderland.

We ended our day by going up on the London Eye. Now I have to start packing. We are flying home tonight. I am looking forward to sleeping in my own bed once again!!!!

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