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Just another short story about longing and the acceptance of destiny. Things are never as bad as they seem..

Enjoy. *smiles*

~ Destiny ~

"It is time."
I looked up to Tiala, once the woman I loved, my tutor, now but a shadow among shadows, one of the spirits that would guide me to my destiny, to what I had to become. There was no emotion in her voice as she spoke the words, and I could not find any in the ice-blue eyes behind the mask of paint that was custom at the rite. It was time indeed.
I scrambled to my feet and followed Tiala out of the small cabin I had spent the day in, only accompanied by the clothes I wore and the fire that burned softly in the center of the grass walls. The cold air stung my bare skin, and I shivered. Tiala did not look back, expected me to follow without hesitation, as she led me across a small path in the forest, into a clearing surrounded by lavender bushes. Here she left me, after motioning with her hand in the direction I was to follow, to my destiny.
I shivered almost uncontrollably now, a cold filling my being like icy water hurls itself from a cliff, into the endless depths of my soul. I was surrounded by the sweet smell of lavender, but this time I could find no comfort in that embrace. All I wanted to do is turn around and run, run back down the path, back to Tiala, the woman I once loved. But that choice was not mine to make. I had to finish this journey alone, knowing I would never come back.

It took me long to make that first step, but as I plunged deeper into the forest my steps became more stable, guided by a determination I never knew I had. Perhaps this was Tiala’s last gift to me, giving me the strength I knew I needed to complete what was ahead of me.
My steps took me up a slight slope, getting steeper and steeper as it seemed to meander through the woods, turning left, then right, with no apparent goal ahead.
'The Path of Life.'
That was not my thought, not my voice, but somehow I felt saver, knowing someone was there with me, if only in my mind. The Path of Life. There is no way of telling where your life leads, all you can do is follow the path set for you, let it take you through good and bad, through love and hate, through emotion after emotion until it is time to leave the path forever.
Unconsciously I had stepped off the path, and began climbing a rocky slope, my hands and feet placing themselves before my mind told them to. Before long I found myself on a platform of sorts, a smooth surface at the end of a jagged edge. Only sheltered on one side by an impassible wall of rock, the wind howled freely around me, sending shivers down my back. I sat down, my back to the wall, trying to find as much shelter from the lashes of the wind as I could.

The sun was setting before me, her golden-red disk already touching the horizon, preparing to cover the world in a cloak of darkness. I waited, looking at the last rays of light I would ever see in my life, entranced by the sudden beauty I found in her, thrilled by the fierceness by which she fought to keep above the horizon, unwilling to surrender her realm to her sister.
As she finally yielded to her unavoidable fate darkness rolled toward me, striking me with a sudden blindness that stirred up a panic within me. I crouched closer to the wall, standing up to have more balance, afraid to move lest I fell over the edge around me. My heart thumped as if it was trying to escape from my chest, my breathing was ragged and uncontrolled. Tensed, I waited for what was to come.

When I finally saw the moon rise from where the sun had disappeared I could not help sighing in relief. My blindness gone, I watched as she shed her rays over the green fields below me, bathing the treetops in a silvery light, ever so slowly moving toward me. Now surprised as to why I had seen such beauty in the sun’s departure, I marveled at the silver enchantment of the upcoming moon. The steep drops around me forgotten I stepped forward, reaching out my arms to receive her light.

As it reached me a sudden warmth filled me, making me smile in pleasure. The light engulfed me, filling me, tenderly caressing my icy skin. It brightened, forcing me to close my eyes. I gasped as I felt I was lifted by invisible treads, floating a few inches above the stony platform. The light dimmed, and as I opened my eyes I found the only light being the soft glow that was radiating from my very soul. It revealed a vast landscape, showing scenes of lush green forests, of rapidly flowing rivers, silver against black, of mountains looming over an endless desert. A feeling of happiness filled me as I spun around; trying to see all that was around me.

I stifled a scream as I felt my back burn, as if a hundred daggers were thrust into my skin. I dropped to my knees, unable to do anything else but quiver with pain. I put my face in my hands only to find them fading, becoming transparent before my eyes. Tears were now running from my eyes, tears of pain and fear. I looked down at my body. It too was slowly disappearing into the darkness. I cried out in anguish, not able to grasp why this was happening to me. Why did I only see a glimpse of what was promised me? Why was I being tormented into seeing my own body fade? I lay on the cold stone, unable to cry any longer, trembling with fear and the flashes of pain searing through my body.

Then the light returned, the soft warmth of the moon once again filling my body. The pain disappeared; the memories of it faded away as the light grew stronger within me. And I knew. My destiny had been chosen for me. A smile parted my lips as I spread my wings and flew, into the light of the moon, forever leaving the one I loved, but she would never be without me.

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