First entry!  

dreadnaught27 42M
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5/3/2006 12:46 am
First entry!

What the hell?!! Every reply that I have had so far (granted it has only been a few days) has directed me to some other bullshite website. I used to do the AdultFriendFinder thing a couple of years ago, and that was never a problem. I enjoyed many happy hours browsing, chatting, flirting, and even meeting with several other members. Now every time I get an email from someone I just groan softly to myself, and (going against past experience) allow a brief glimmer of hope to ignite as I open the letter. So far I've had 4 emails, and 4 invites to other sites. All of these turn out to apparently be "web-cam communities". Look, I have no problem with web-cam stuff, but that is NOT why I am here. I am here to meet real people who want to get to know me better without charging me ungodly amounts of money to do it. Is that too much to ask? So come on everybody, let's just let the eight billion banner ads out there be enough, and get the hell off of the websites for people trying to find something real. What do you say?

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