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2/9/2006 6:29 pm

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For (whats4dessert2)

My dearest children should you grieve
upon the common death you see
you find at once a slight reprieve
is yet the barer of disease.

When the taste of absurdity rules your tongue
does it allow your mind to wonder
to realms that find you of consequence
Or does it yet find you a fool
Do you seek in the silver a reflection of what you wish to see
or a challenge to what you may be.
I doubt this
I believe all of your potential has been written
it is the desire of those to gratify
that flowers the future of the abject.

Yet upon reflection I am dealt this quaint rose
I taste you amongst the belicose compilations of a deeply derisive mould
and I find within the glee of your taint
a small shower of independence

I seek gladly then your hatreds
they are fodder for a belief
they are the crazed alerts of an accentuated mind that has gone wrong
you have acheived
only the satisfaction of my slight distaste

dragonstealth 57M

2/12/2006 8:59 pm

This was written for the simple monkey that loves hear himself think and finds complaint with me .

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