My first date from this website.  

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1/24/2006 2:17 pm

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4/23/2007 4:31 am

My first date from this website.

Sorry for anyone whos been eagerly awaiting my next blog. Here it is then so calm down! As i cant do a testimonial anymore this is pretty much a blogfull of praise to Allwoman06 for making my first date thats generated from this website one to remember.

see, apart from the obvious, it was so many other factors to her being attractive. Whilst she denies this being one, her patience in my lateness (not my fault) instantly set my opinion of her into a good one. Even though at the time i thought she wasnt impressed. Well most females would give me an evil look.

Then once we got talking, her personality had me fully interested in nothing else but the conversation at hand. Now my short attention span cant hold on to much. So it was great that this was happening. That along with a notable lack of bitchness (in a female! i know!!!) made it a great time for me.

As for the sex...well, we cant stop recalling it in our conversations and i cant wait for the next time that i meet her. her boasting that she can drink me under the table might need to be put into challenge one day too. I forgot to mention she gives lovely cuddles too!

And to her, i apologise for the lateness. in return i might come round and do the washing up or something.


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