The Idea Of Having An Online Diary  

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8/24/2006 1:25 pm

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The Idea Of Having An Online Diary

Mood: Reflective

Hot and hard Mr. SLIC says Ling is a rather shy person compared to the "persona" she projects in the blog. Her ex-boyfriend has also said something similar - he wished she had told him more about her feelings when they were together, rather than hiding them, coding them, disguising them in her creative writings.

Ling tends to internalise her feelings because she finds them monstrous, messy and therefore unattractive. She believes writing can help slow down her thoughts, and is an effective form of therapy. Sometimes she wonders though if publishing one's confessions online can be quite manipulative, especially when the writer knows who their readers are.

Ling knows Mr. SLIC visits her blog, but Mr. Juicy doesn't. Therefore, she has written a lot about her feelings for Mr. SLIC and has just started writing about Mr. Juicy because Mr. SLIC is leaving Hong Kong. (He, in fact, has left today. Maybe that is one reason why Ling is reflective.) Perhaps she is using Mr. Juicy to forget Mr. SLIC. Perhaps she wants to see if Mr. SLIC will be slightly jealous. Perhaps she wants to push him to say he does want her ...

There was also one embarrassing occasion when Ling removed one of her posts after finding it a bit sloppy. It was about her first meeting with an Australian guy and the little things she liked about him. Only until later did she find out he had visited her blog. When they met the second time, he mentioned that post indirectly. She played dumb. He let go but didn't forget. Now Ling is glad that he has read it because it has brought them closer. However, once Ling got scared when he found her group profile. Ling therefore told him she had not had group sex for months already, which is the truth, and which reassures him.

Ling does not like having secrets. Secrets only weaken a relationship. Therefore, Ling would like to make a little AdultFriendFinder confession:

1. She has fallen head over heels for Mr. SLIC ever since their first fuck but she understands they will never be together. She will keep him in her heart for keepsake and continue to write poems for him. She does not want to cover up her feelings with silly jokes or comments that end in LOL anymore.

2. She wants Mr. Juicy to be her friend first and maybe her boyfriend in the future. She realises her heart is not ready for anything serious no matter how much she wants it right now. Her heart still hurts whenever she thinks of him. More juicy details later.

3. She really enjoys spending time with the Australian guy because he treats her really well in and out of bed. She can talk about his good points for days and she hopes they can be friends forever.

4. Any more hot and hard British boys for Ling? LOL (See? She did it again, covering up her feelings.)


johninchina 38M
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8/24/2006 6:37 pm

Ling, again well written and barring open peice. We all throw a facade online as it is easier to say and do things here then in person. The level of eachs facade is different some slighty like thmeseleves while others are a whole different persona.

I also agree secerts when kept inside..will only start to irk and err you. (this comming from experience).

Sorry to her Mr. SLIC has left..I feel, and dont behead me for my thoughts, that had you been more open to Mr. SLIC you might have received a more open response from him. People do always travel back for the things they really want. An old saying--if it was meant to be..then it will be.

If not really in the heart for Juicy..dont try to rush will only hurt you more if you do. Time is a gift...use it.

Hehe Ling, I dont know any Brits here for ya..but I do know a 美国人 that is available....ummm meeeeeee


AnionLeashCrush 48M
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8/24/2006 10:10 pm

Roses are red
Violets are blue
DubTrub is cumming
But who will they do?

They love hot, hard Brits
To play with their clits
But one's not enough
Now they want two \8\8

Lin is a Lotus
Bum like a peach
But don't spank her arse
Or you'll hear her screech

Ling is the Bell
Rear like a pear
Loves a good spanking
On her derriere ?*

But what do they want?
Are they looking for fun?
What are they after?
Is Corky the one?

Tall, white and firm
So far it looks good
No shaven balls
As if I would....

No saggy arse
No problem for me
Soft lips a must
Kiss them and see {=}

Passion required
There I do win
Sensuality's key
Sounds like I'm in! happym;

But what's this I read?
They prefer a small willy?!?!
They're pulling my leg.
Just being silly.

But what if it's true?
Only weenies will do?
Just be warned if you're with them
I'll be sniggering at you.


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