That Smile On Your Face ...  

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8/14/2006 2:43 pm

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That Smile On Your Face ...

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Ling has been thinking about Mr. Juicy for the past few days. She really really really wants to call him to say hello but she is afraid she will just end up saying stupid things like, "I miss your big fat pink cock." - one of her silly cover-ups. If only Mr. Juicy knows how important sex is for Ling and that "I miss your cock" means "I miss you so much even though I only saw you two days ago" while "I love having sex with you" is an important prelude to "I love you". For Ling, with good sex comes love. With love comes her divine creativity LOL. But seriously it took her months to convince her ex-boyfriend that she was not using him for sex. Perhaps Mr. Juicy thought Ling did not show enough care even though she did care about him a whole lot - that's why she loved waking him up with a good suck/fuck because she loved to see that smile on his face in the morning, knowing he would have a wonderful day ahead no matter how grim work may seem. And now her heart really hurts ...


johninchina 38M
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8/15/2006 9:29 pm

I had an ex who was very similar...and it took me awhile to really figure out she was in love with me..not just loving the sex. Guys are slow, but we do catch on. Ling, I say go for and chat. Try to be more open..and if you do blurt out..explain why it has good meaning..maybe in a subtle way. Huggz, wish u the best.


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