Mr. Juicy!  

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8/8/2006 12:57 pm

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Mr. Juicy!

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Ling came home from work and found a fruit bowl prepared by her mum in the fridge. While feeling extremely touched, it also got her to think about Mr. Juicy, with whom she dated briefly for three months. He e-mailed Ling's now defunct individual account in December but they did not meet up until March because he went travelling during the holiday season and wasn't in Hong Kong that much.

Three dates into their "relationship" Mr. Juicy asked if Ling was still sleeping with other men from AdultFriendFinder. Ling told him she had turned off her profile. Then he said he wasn't using the site anymore. He even deleted his account a few days later. So under the duvet lying naked next to him, Ling secretly crossed her toes hoping he would stick around for a bit because the sex was great, the chemistry was there and his cock is tres beautiful - smooth pink head, big and good girth but not intimiding LOL.

He did all the things Ling wanted in a boyfriend - calls, regular romantic text messages, nights in with a DVD cuddling on the couch, breakfast and tea in the morning (such a good English boy!), and last but not least, good oral sex. He is good-looking, tall, athletic, tanned, hairy-chested, no pre-mature signs of male-patterned baldness or receding hairline. The sweetest thing was he knew Ling doesn't drink so when she came around, he sometimes would offer to make fresh fruit juice for her. He told her that he rarely used the juicer before they met. He stayed quietly in the kitchen peeling and slicing away and made Ling a huge glass of apple, carrot and pear juice.

Then Ling got very busy in June because of her new freelance journalism work and they did not see each other that often. At one point, he even asked Ling to come over and work on his computer so he could keep her company or get her snacks. Ling said jokingly that she'd rather not because he would be such a big distraction. The truth is she really wanted to but she also got scared. Last time a guy asked Ling to work on his computer (she was working on her postgraduate thesis then) ended up giving her his house keys and they lived with each other for a year before driving each other nuts.

Mr. SLIC told Ling that she falls in love too easily. Ling knows it so all she wanted to do was to take things slowly with Mr. Juicy. But after she turned Mr. Juicy down, he was rather cold to Ling. The contacts quickly went from scarce to null. Ling didn't pursue, thinking some relationships/friendship on AdultFriendFinder can be flimsy, but she did feel very sad.

Mr. Juicy turned 36 last week so Ling dropped him a line wishing him happy birthday. He wrote back immediately and even asked her out. However, it has been a few days already and he still hasn't called ...


johninchina 38M
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8/10/2006 1:41 am

Guys have alot ot learn..we think at times that when the women dont keep constant contact..then it is over..

Hope mr. Juicy soon learns

Best luck


rm_nivekons 42M
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8/18/2006 6:49 pm

hhe, nice story. nice

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