A New Beginning  

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7/26/2006 2:29 pm

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A New Beginning

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Ling had a pretty good day today. The weather has cooled a bit because of the rain. But whenever the sun is not out, the air pollution is terrible. She had fresh fruit and yoghurt for breakfast, checked her e-mails and then went swimming for two straight hours. She spent about 40 minutes in the sauna. She had forgotten about her sugar though and didn't get to do the sugar scrub, which was a bit of a bummer.

After that, she had to teach. It was a new Oral English class, and quite a big class as well. There were altogether 27 adults. All eager to learn to speak better English. Ling believed she had given an above average stage presence. She was glad that the crowd was not too shy to speak up and do role-plays in front of everybody.

Then she had dinner with her editor at The Union Bar and Grille. Her favourite server was as sweet as usual and treated her a starter. Ling wished she could lean over and give him a smack on his face.

Her editor was once again caught in "The Office" farce. He just fired two people and wanted Ling to contribute more in the coming school year. Ling said yes but now she frets that she may not be able to meet all the deadlines, which really is Ling's fatal flaw. Ling mainly writes feature articles on Arts and culture. She needs to hand in her work ten days prior publication for the designers to come up with a good lay-out for her cover stories. Ling is always an afternoon, or worse, a day late, which has put her editor in an awkward position in covering up for her in several occasions. Perhaps it's about time for Ling to get rid of the bad habit.

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7/27/2006 10:28 am

haha, I don't really post here at all. i post some hot experiences on another site.

but you're right; I don't get laid enough

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