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4/19/2006 12:45 pm
Another Update

I guess I have a tendency to worry too much. I can turn into a nervous wreak. Hence, these blogs provide me with an opportunity to chill out. To write my forbidden thoughts. Perhaps, get some comments and feedback. That's great. But, will I still be censored?

When it comes to discussing my sexuality in the past, I have subjected myself to self-censorship. In other words, I didn't talk about my sexuality at all. The good old-fashioned home-grown "Irish" solution to the problem. Hopeless I know. But, then again, I hadn't discovered the joys of blogging then.

Hence, what I have talked about before. The nonsense called "sexual chivalry"; pretend to a fair lady that you're interested in her welfare but not interested in having a shag with her. I've been missing out.

Anyways, back to the topic. A sensitive topic since I am liable to get this post deleted on,,and,.

I was checking old posts on,,and,, and I noticed that some posts were barred or removed. But, not the same posts. You see, I post the same posts to blogger, blogsource,,,and, So, it was curious that some posts were barred on AdultFriendFinder but on, the posts barred were different.

Perhaps, this is to do with people reading the post and reporting something inappropriate written.

Anyhow, I went to read the "terms and conditions" and the writing etiquette rules for,, which I presume are more or less the same for,and,as well. I wanted to find out why my posts were barred. It seems to me there were a number of possible reasons. The one which seems most likely is that I brought the service into disrepute because I criticised it for some reason.. e.g. I couldn't post more than one pic. Although, apparently, this can be done now, so my misunderstanding. A second possible reason is that I post inciteful stuff. I recall posting a post about a Chinese model and uploading a post of hers. She was dressed as a terrorist, in sexy khakki. And, she was sporting a machine-gun. Maybe, this was the reason for that particular post being deleted. Hey, that sort of thing turns me on!! Have I committed a sin? Another possible reason, is that these services don't approve of my cross-posting the same post to different blogging services.

In any case, I find it worrying that I can't necessarily get away with writing the free flow of my thoughts. I guess we all have to live with a little bit of self-censorship.

Anyway, that's enough on that for now.

Paul Carr

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