A Change of Tact.  

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5/23/2006 7:06 pm
A Change of Tact.

A change of tact.

I've decided that playing up to my "virginity", a phantom concept, is not going to get me laid. So, I will play it down henceforth. That's my plan.

Instead, I will point out to my "female" viewers that I have a vivid imagination and I will ask them if they don't mind if I share it with them and, in a sexual relationship, if they don't mind if they would acquiese in fulfilling them. This would involving wearing outrageous costumes..

I was in the video room area of AdultFriendFinder the other day and I marched into this room with this gorgeous petit lady (in her profile, she says she is 4 foot 10 inches). It didn't really matter though. She was wearing this gorgeous tight sweater constraining these massive low-slung breasts. From time to time, she would rear up to reveal a slim waist. It was a treasure to behold.

Unfortunately, she kicked me out of the room (I think) when I asked her to giggle her boobs in her tight sweater. Sorry about that. I guess all boys are naughty sometimes.

So what to write about since I was last writing here?

I don't know. Good question. A little tired tonight but I can't delay updating this blog any longer.

I uploaded more sexy photos to my flickr account tonight. That was enough work in itself.

I guess updating these sexy blogs is tough. There's some work to it. Copying blogs from one blog service to another for example to maximise what little exposure I'm getting from the outside world.. Though, the map of the world thingie is a cool thing to have as that enables me to keep track of where my visitors are coming from. According to the map, I get quite a few visitors from the USA as well as from north western Europe.

I sometimes like to write about sexual fantasies here. But, I don't know if I have the mental or physical energy to do so tonight.

I think, to some extent, I am still ashamed of this blog.

I shouldn't be.

I think it has been about a week since I last updated this blog. Since then, I have, from time to time, did a google search on google images using google keywords such as "boobs", "breasts", "dominatrix", "fantasy" et cetera. I guess I am a regular boobs man, seeking out more wanking material.

Some more gorgeous women, with humongous boobs, such as Polish babe, Flora Lea and a few other famous women have been uploaded to my flickr account.

I guess sexual fantasies are, by their very nature, extreme. There's nothing better to achieve a good wank than an extreme story.

But, all of this, I emphasis (as I have before time and time again) is in the context of consenting sex between adults...

I set up a month long gold membership account in AdultFriendFinder but I haven't found anyone yet. And the month will be over before long. But, I'm a busy guy. I have to make a few bob and pay my bills like anyone else. I just can't seem to make the time. I just have to make the time, now, don't I...

Also, took out month long membership of msn friends.. I would like to do so on as well. A gorgeous Chinese woman, wearing gorgeous cheongsam in one photo, sent me a virtual kiss the other day but, because I don't have membership, all I could do was send her a virtual kiss back. Yesterday, I got another virtual kiss, this time on . Again, no membership, so I can't get in touch properly with her.

Well, problems are there to be overcome, I suppose.

I usually like to write about my sexual fantasies. But, what I write, I have already written before. I'm a boobs man. I like to suck on breasts. I like to rest my head against the breasts of a gorgeous woman. I would like to place my hands on her breast(s) and squeeze them and she places her hand over mine to show that she approves and she will give me support. I would like to rest and sleep in her embrace.

From time to time, I see these gorgeous women, some more accessible than others. For example, in my job as a TEFL teacher, I was working yesterday, and, at the front of my class, this gorgeous young Asian woman from China, sits. She's a keen English student. She's very beautiful.. One of the most beautiful things I have ever seen. Lovely eyes. But, in my professional capacity, as a teacher (TEFL stands for "Teaching English as a Foreign Language), I can't let my passion get the better of me and flirt overly with her, other than the usual friendliness I want to display to all my students, male or female.

Hmm, I uploaded this Japanese anime drawing to the flickr account. Perhaps, it is controversial. I labelled it "Lolita". A young girl. Perhaps, she is 18!. Ripe, small, breasts. Beautiful blue-purple stockings to match her blue-purple straight hair. A treasure.. I like to sport controversy.

I think I have this tendency to speak of women in terms which make them inaccessible to me. I describe women often as "goddesses", "superheroines" and so on. But, they're only human too with the same sexual desires that men have. I should stop putting them up on a pedestal and like them as human beings. I had a Chinese friend last year, a young woman of 24. Very beautiful. We went to the cinema a few times together. Anyway, I guess, again, I "treasured" rather than treated her like a human being. It didn't help that I didn't speak any Chinese and she hardly spoke English. And, after a while, the "thing" you treasure, you start to fear. It happens every time.

Then, I often pull away. I think it is right to do so. The problem lies in my initial approach, not in the manner of the ending of the friendship..

Of course, another consequence of talking of women in unrealistic terms is that it is a convenient way not to think about the nitty gritty of sex, the mechanics of sex, which, isn't very sexy, at first sight, but absolutely necessary to the end of great sex.

My sexual fantasies revolve around a woman dressing up for me. Sure, I would be happy to dress up for her too - so what's the harm in that? And doing things to each other which are not necessarily, sexy. For example, in my "landlady" fantasy, the older landlady, "orders" me to come to the window and stand behind her whilst she looks out of the window admiring the view. She then places my arms around her torso and pulls me nearer. That would be very arousing to me.

Of the older landlady who sits astride me, in the kitchen, feeding me yoghurt with a spoon.

I guess, great sex is based on mutual understanding. For example, I'd tell her about 10 seconds in advance when I'm going to climax. I reckon men would have a fair few seconds of realization that they are going to climax before they do. That way she will know. And, can, for example, take me (i.e. my penis) inside of her (i.e. her vagina or other orifice)

I guess though, I will have to do a fair bit of wanking during foreplay. Ungraceful, yes, but, probably necessary.

Paul Carr

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