Swept Away With Love  

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3/6/2005 10:39 am

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Swept Away With Love

Water is one of the main sources of keeping us alive, and is one of the most beautiful things to see. The sun set on the ocean, a full moon over a lake on a warm summer night, a mountain stream that leads to a giant waterfall at the end, or even a small river in the middle of a desert. Water is also one of the most powerful elements of nature, 3/4ths of our world is made up of water, it makes up 70% of our body and it exists in three physical states of matter- solid, liquid and gas. It can destroy life and everything around it. It comes in Hurricanes with waves that can destroy anything in its path. It comes in thunderstorms with floods, causes landslides and even brings tornados with them. But even worse is when it doesn’t show up for years at a time and causes droughts, famine and death. What can be even worse then that is our own ignorance; like leaving the bathroom door open as a toddler ventures in - for they can drown in just two inches of water. But even the most beautiful things in life can be hazardous, the ocean has its tides and sleeper waves, the lakes has whirl-pulls and plant life that can catch your feet, the rivers and waterfalls has unexpected undertows and even that small desert stream when it has pulled in toxins from surrounding plant life or animals.

But I believe “Love” is the most powerful element and force of life. It’s invisible
until it hits, it’s tasteless until tasted and painless until it is taken away from you. It’s bigger then the biggest ocean, more beautiful then the reflection’s of a sunset on a mountain lake, as magnificent and wide as the biggest river, as strong a the mightiest waterfall, and as precious as the first rain after a lifetime of drought. Needless to say it can be painful and destroy your life and everything around it. It can cause waves in your life that will through you off balance. It can cause changes in you life that could flood you with sorrow. It can cause landslides of emotions that could bury you in pain and eventually turn waves of sorrow into a title wave of destruction, because you keep trying to hold back your emotions that were damaging and ripping your hart apart. Then it can eventually kill you if somebody throws in a little bit of sorrow.

Love is like an undertow, it comes without warning, it’s unnoticeable and it can hit you at anytime. When it does hit you and its true love, you’ll know. For it will grab you, pull you down, and sweep you away and by the time you come up everything around you will have changed. Know there are two things you can do, the first which most people do is panic, you will start freaking out and splashing around. You will forget how things got started; you will forget the signs and forget you even know how to swim. Soon you will go into shock, then start drawing attention to yourself and yes there will be those out there that don’t want you to make it. Soon you will start breathing in water, then more and more until you breath in so much that your lungs will start weighing you down and you will drown in what you trusted to put your life into a few hours before.
The second thing you can do is stop and remember the signs about tides and undertows that you read and remember the chances you took. Then remember how much you love the ocean, how you needed to see it every day and how much you learned from it. Then have faith in it and show it how much you trust it, lie on your back and calmly go with the tide. Then even if you do draw attention to yourself they will see how much you love and trust the one you put your faith into. Sure there will always be those out there who don’t want to see you succeed, but the main thing is to never doubt the one you love. For as soon as you doubt them, and think about problems that you might encounter, it will lead to your death.

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