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3/30/2005 9:50 am

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm


I still remember that day for my imagination was like a shut door,
I had heard tales, stories and rumors from others who had felt it before;
But by now my head was spinning and thinking the world would soon end,
And I could now smell it coming from the south in the first spring wind.

Soon it started getting dark and my veins started pumping extra fast,
For the fear within me started pumping hard would I die or would I last;
Then I felt the first one as it tapped me on the head,
Then another and another as it started covering my bead.

Then the earth began to rumble as it shook the ground below,
It made my body quiver as it shook me from head to toe;
Suddenly the clouds lit up as fire raced across the sky,
Now I started freaking out for I didn’t want to fry.

Soon the earth was raged as the water was pored across the land,
It fought with thunder and lightning but couldn’t close its hands;
The dry cracks I was born on was now called a rivers bed,
I was going to drown as the water was rising up to my head.

Then the winds started picking up and keep my head raised above,
So I started thanking Mother Nature for showing me her love;
I thought I had took my last breath but it stopped as quickly as it came,
I was now a happy plant for I made it through my first rain.

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