Happy Valentines Day  

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3/8/2005 2:18 am

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Happy Valentines Day

The first time I saw you, will stay in my mind forever,
For when I saw you that day, you made my body quiver;
Your skin so clear and tan, that it was gleaming in the light,
Your body beautifully built, on that day you changed my life.

The first day we talked, my voice must have got stage fright,
But you looked at me and smiled, and made everything seem right;
Your voice was so tender, that all my worries were out the door,
Then as I seen the look in your eyes, I found who I was looking for.

The first time we kissed, I was numb from my head to my toes,
As I pulled your body close to mine, my love seemed to overflow;
As my hands caressed your body, I loved the feel of your silky skin,
Together we fell in love, and thatís when I brought you in my den.

By now Iím sure you know, just how much you mean to me,
Thatís why Iím sending you this card, for I wanted you to see;
For you mean the world to me, and itís not always easy to say,
I LOVE YOU so very much, so Happy Valentines DayÖ

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