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3/8/2005 4:22 pm

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Forever is a word that we’ve all used, a word that we all know and a word that we will use in the future. It can be a positive word and it’s a negative word. It’s a word used in love and a word used in hate. Therefore do we even know what the word forever really even means?

For-ev-er: 1. For all times 2. For as long as you shell live.

But most of us still have no conception of what it really means. We use it in positive ways such as; Thank you I will remember this forever. We use it in negative ways such as; You’d better watch your back for I will remember this forever. We will also use it in love, such as; You are the love of my life I will remember you forever. But we will also use it with pain and hate, such as; You hurt me so bad I will hate you forever.

But hear is what I believe the true meaning of forever is. Children whether it was one that you brought into this world or one that you gave a piece of yourself to bring it into this world or even you many years ago will always have a piece of there parents in them forever. You can say I love you or give then hugs and kisses, but when you say I hate you or I wish you where never brought into this world; That will stay in there minds FOREVER

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