Experiencing Life Today  

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Experiencing Life Today

Experiencing Life Today

Life, Love and Death --- These are three things in life that we all will experience. They can be the most exciting things in our life or the most excruciating pain that we will ever feel. I know this for I’m not just a writer but I am a living man that has experienced all three.

Life - Of course we were all born which is life, but we have all seen other life that was introduced into our rough and not so friendly world. It might have been a son or daughter, a brother or sister, it might have been one of your pets, sex education in school, or maybe a wild animal on the discover channel. It’s a beautiful thing to see, sometimes it can be scary, but it fills you full of joy. You will see the compassion of a mother, the pride of a father, and the joy of a brother or sister. But it’s a cruel world that they one day will have to face alone.

Love - This is a bond a mother shares with her children. It’s a bond of hugs and kisses, of peroxide and bandages, and of writing “I Love You” on your napkin in your lunch bag for school. This is a bond a father shares with his children. It’s a bond of saying don’t touch that or it will hurt only to give your bubo a kiss moments later when you touched it, a bond of staying up until two in the morning till you get home only to ground you for life. This is a bond a brother has for his little brother when going up to the bully at school and says “you mess with him you mess with me”, just so he can beat you up at home, a bond he has for his little sister by letting other boys know “that’s my sister so you better watch what you say”. It’s a bond a sister shares with her little sister of showing her how to apply her makeup, and how to flirt but act like she’s not interested. It’s a bond a sister has for her little brother of teaching him how to listen to girls, and how to treat them.
Love is also when you seen that girl for the first time that turned your legs into jello, the one that somehow replaced your voice box with a frog going through puberty. The one that when she said “Hi”, you could’ve sworn you heard harps playing in the background, and sent chills from your head to your toes when she first touched you. When you held hands you would hope the whole world was watching, and when you would kiss your body would tingle and your head would get marry-go-round flashbacks. Then when you made love, as your bodies touched you became one with each other, you moved as one, you breathed as one and your harts became one.

Death - Unfortunately this is the final stage that we must all go through. Sometimes it’s a good thing like a cancer patient that had been suffering to long because the doctors want to keep running tests. Maybe a newborn who would have a lifetime of agony, surgeries and the pain of having others staring. It could’ve been a old person that lived a life who had experienced life, love and death many times in there life and it was just there time, or maybe it was your dog that had given life to many puppies in its life. But sometimes it wasn’t there time to go, they where robbed and it brings pain and anger to those left behind to try to put there lives back together. Like the little boy who was walking home after school and was struck and killed by a drunk driver while using the crosswalk, or the little girl playing hopscotch in front of her own home that was killed from a drive by shooting. Or even worse it was from one of those sick fucks that kidnapped your child, them in several sick and demented ways, then through there lifeless but not dead bodies in a quarry, where they spent there last hours remembering what this sick freak did to them wondering what they did to deserve it. They lay there in pain and fear knowing that he is still out there and could come back. Then they die as there bodies lay there decaying until they’re found days, weeks or months later. So yes unfortunately we will all experience one of these. But the worst kind is when you die but you are still alive.

I experienced life - Two sons and two daughters; sure it was kind of weird, scary and beautiful but for what I got from it, I showed pride with smiles, tears and joy. I experienced love - With a bond for each of them, and a bond with the mother that brought them into my life. But unfortunately I experienced love - From another woman, one that made me tremble when she was around me, one that gave me chills when she would touch me and when we shared our love together I felt like I was on the highest mountain where the moon and stars where just out of reach. But unfortunately I experienced death when the only one I ever loved left me. The tremble of love turned into shakings of pain, the chills from her touch turned into the chills from being cold and alone. Then that peak from the highest mountain I was on was ripped from under my feet and I fell for along time before I hit the ground, and that’s when I lost my life.

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