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3/6/2005 8:28 am

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Dream Catchers

Dream Catchers
Have you ever had a dream that you wished would never end,
It’s where all the troubles in your life would surely find a mend;
Have you ever had a dream where everything seemed to fit in place,
It’s where all your worries and pain are gone and you lived in grace.
Have you ever had a dream that brought out all of your fears,
It was of a person or place that you feared in your younger years;
Have you ever had that dream that would chill you with a sweat,
When you thought you awoke but it wasn’t finished with you yet.
Have you ever had a dream when you thought that you could fly,
You felt like you were bird and would soar high up in the sky;
Have you ever had that dream that you couldn’t get any higher,
It’s as if you could touch the sun but it would set your wings afire.
Have you ever had a dream of when you first seen that girl,
It was the one you saw the day before who sent you into a whirl;
While having that dream you wished that someday she’d be yours,
All your good dreams together compared to her were closed doors
Have you ever had a painful dream it seemed like you died in the end,
When your hart was hurt so bad it seemed it would never find a mind,
Have you ever had a dream your life begun to cave in on you,
It was as if you were sinking and there was nothing you could do.
Fortunately I have a Dream Catcher that hangs above my bed,
It is said that the hole in the center filters good dreams like a web;
A hoop-shaped ornament made of beads and feathers when done,
The bad dreams get trapped in the web and vanish in the morning sun.
According to legends our dreams are messages from a sacred spirit,
So of course some dreams will scare us and cause our teeth to grit;
But a Dream Catcher will bless you as you sleep with pleasant dreams,
With good luck and harmony throughout your life and what it brings.

__Huntress__ 57M/59F

3/6/2005 4:14 pm

There is pain in what you write - but believe when I tell you that pain is fleeting - as you move on its effects will diminish ... I, too, have a dream catcher ... it is a splash of light and hope ... take the road less travelled and move on ... if you were meant to be in the place that is now gone ... you would still be there ...

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