Rules? You mean there are rules?  

doneinforever 59M
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7/30/2006 10:00 pm
Rules? You mean there are rules?

Yes, rules. Since I am new to this I decided I would give myself some rules to write by. Maybe I should define rules first. Rules are my guidelines of what I can and can't put in my blog. You see, being human(which is similar to an ant with a slight amount of self determination), I have to have restrictions. Without restrictions, who knows, I might write something interesting, provocative or, even more unlikely, profound. The thought that something I write might send somebody down a path where they find thoughts or ideas that help them through the daily trudge of being, is frightening. The whisper in my mind that something I spill out could bring a chuckle, a laugh the slight beginning of a smile at the corner of their mouth. Rough stuff, too much responsibility. Well, okay then, my rules.
1. Don't edit my thoughts. Whatever pearls of wisdom or pieces of crap stain the page from my writing stays. Just let it flow. Maybe I should think of myself as the Gremlin of "stream of conscientious." Yeah, that's it , a Gremlin, with a Pepto-Bismal paint job.
2. Tell the truth. Somehow I think that is easier to write than to adhere to. I think the best I will be able to do is not make up false stories about myself. Just be who I am. Of course, truth is relative. I think it changes with the moon, like the ebb and flow of oceans. Truth is a matter of perception. Truth changes depending on where you are standing. Truth's color spectrum changes like light through a prism. Truth never stands still, it is in a state of constant flux. I know this, I was married for 16 years.
3. Write when the mood strikes you and even when it doesn't. In spite of what I said before about offering others thought provoking trash, I do this for myself. This is my therapy. I plan to use it to work through some of those nagging little questions in my brain. You know all the meaningless shit that I struggle with. All the things that throw up the stop signs to contentment. I don't know what they are yet(though I have a couple of clues) but I am going to try to grapple with them here.
So, I feel like that is all I have for now. In fact, my brain feels as if it is turning to gel. Maybe I'll get lucky and in my sleep it will ooze out my ears and onto my face. That would make for a good close comfortable shave in the morning. Ah well, screw em'. The rules.

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