My opinion least today  

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6/23/2006 10:10 am

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My opinion least today

Last night a wonderful thing happened. I got a call from a female friend up north. She and I used to play together a few times a month.....

Since this is a first posting on this Blog, let me tell you a few fun facts... 1. I was an active swinger from 1977 - 1992. Yes, I was turned out by a statuesque woman named Judith.

Judith was a sweet older Jewish woman who lived in the Fairfax area of Los Angeles. Me, at the time being a 20 year old guy,with a stiff dick (most of the time) and she being a few years older than I ..actually 15 years older it was a perfect match. She would invite me over with her to visit her girlfriends, in which I loved. Seeing and meeting new people ..epecially cute, sexy and erotic women with means (jobs, cars, houses and who liked to have fun). I have always liked the gal next door look... cute and sweet and yet...erotic and ready to fuck always.

Back to my story about last an IM from this friend (let's call her Janie ..since she is married now and her husband might be here online). I suggested she call me so we can catch up. She did ... it is funny how after having great sex with someone ..even after a few years ... you can still sense their desire.

Me, I am active for the most part, two or three times a week. I don't actively swing anymore..but yet...sometimes a desire creeps up into my mind ... and I get a craving for the taste of sweet pussy ... and the animalistic instinct when pussy is near, soft and moist. everywhere...

Well "Janie" had an idea... she wanted to masturbate on the phone and get me off while her husband was in the living room watching TV <--- Television ..not a transsexual ....a joke... Yes, I am quite the daredevil..especially since I was not close enough to actually get into any scrapes with her husband ...

Janie was always good at stroking me, whispering into my ear and slightly moving her fair skinned hips against my brown body ... My dick always got hard around her. Sometimes three and four times in a 5 hour period of time ...amazing, since I was in my late 30's then ... not like I was 20 again... well I must leave this post..time to work ...but would love your comments..unless they are racist in nature ....

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