Finding Time during the day ... for yourself  

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7/6/2006 7:18 pm

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Finding Time during the day ... for yourself

This is not a sexual post, for those of you who just might be lingering around to find out how my sexual filled day has gone.

After visiting a couple of client and assisting a friend drop off his vehicle, I took some time off just for me. Okay, I actually did some work also on the computer and straightened out a few files. But I did take about an hour and half off for me.

The Library(palisades branch)was first on my list. It is a wonderful place to take a breather and enjoy some serenity during the day.

The A/C is on, the people are usually in hushed tones, the seating plushand the internet is wireless and free to use. It is really wonderful to have this kind of luxury .. for free and easily used.

Watching the cute women meandering around the library was fun. Mostly mothers (MILF's) as we here like to call them ..beautiful, young and lushious women ...who happens to be someones mother.

Of course watching the occasional script girl (with her library glasses on and cute top and usually nice firm breasts) reading a script for some unknown celebrity or their boyfriend is really fun too. I love living on the Westside.

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