Big Bang ...on or before the 4th  

don90402 60M
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7/3/2006 11:13 am
Big Bang ...on or before the 4th

It was another great day here at the beach ... the sun is shining and the temperature was in the low eighties ... no humidity to speak of. Nice bright and wonderful Southern California day.

The tourists and inland neighbors have attacked the beach this morning by 9am to stake out there places on the sand ....and readying themselves for a week of treating sunburn.

How fortunate it is for me to live this close to a great beach like Santa Monica (3 blocks) and be enjoy the ocean view from my living room and bedroom (most days..except those when the fog rolls in). Having a tourist spot several blocks south of me (Venice Beach) is also cool...

Maybe, I am slowing down in my twilight years ..laughing, I no longer have the drive to fuck everything that moves and is female... I spent a couple of hours on the phone yesterday with a few gals...they just did not do it for me at all... I was not willing to drive even twenty minutes for a pre-fourth bang ....

Perhaps I am getting picky in my older age..or smarter..not sure what it is...

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