teachers pet  

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teachers pet

giovanna took a deep breath and opened the classroom door. since moving from her native Dominican republic Giovanna was a bit lonely. giovi (jovi) as her friends called her was a very sweet and intelligent girl. she picked up English in a snap, and she loved all her friends and family. when giovi got to college things seemed to become a huge struggle needed help on everything this would be giovi's 1st study session with her professor. as she walked into the room he seemed distracted. so she tried not to make too much noise. giovi was beautiful. she was 5ft4 and 138 lbs. she was small framed but thick. her hips and her thighs and butt was what so many guys like. she had these nice boobs; A c cup. she had on a pink dress the accentuated all her curves. she looked amazing. finally professor williams notices her.they begin to study.prof. williams gets to noticing how beautiful giovianna is.her eyes her face her body.he touches her arm. she miles at him. he leans in and kisses her soft full lips. giovanna pulls back. she is shocked. " i am so sorry" says prof. williams. giovanna accepts his apology. he continues on stating " but can you blame me u are so beautiful" giovi smiles. after the study session that day they had several more. soo the study sessions became dates.
giovanna was a virgin in love. she talked to prof. williams, who she at that point called thomas about her feelings for him. she was ready. she wanted him. giovanna stands at his office door and knocks. it's after hours so they will be alone. thomas lets her in. they talk for a few minuets. finally thomas kisses her. he feels his cock getting harder and harder as she kisses him. he undresses her. he takes off her shirt. then her skirt then her bra and had her turn aboud so he could look ad the awesome ass with that thong on. finally he romoves that. all 10 inches of his cock is hard and throbbing. it is excited for the virgin cunt. he undresses himself telling her to close her eyes. he knew if she saw his cock she would be afraid to do it. he turned her around and bent her over. he got on his knees and proceeded to lick her pussy from the back. me made sure that every inch of it was wet.tothmas stood up and placed the tip of his cock on her cunt lips. he slowly pushed past them.taking his time as not to hurt her. he pushed until he felt he hyman. he pushed past the cherry. he felt it pop under the pressure. she screamed in pain. he pulled out. he laid her on his cleared off desk. and climbed up there too. he slid his cock back in. he felt the heat or her pussy. it was soooo tight. giovanna began to moan i pleasure. soon thomas started to fuck her. he was goig hard and fast, fastinated at how much of his cock she could take. giovi began to fuck back like a pro. screaming and moaning. thomas pulled out before he came. he sttood on the floor off the edge of the desk. she finally saw the monster cock that was fucking her. giovanna told his cock in her mouth. she licked the head as she sucked. thomas blew his huge load all over her body. he licked her clean and they slept in eachothers arms.

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