The first sex of the year 2006 with my wife  

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1/2/2006 9:40 pm

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The first sex of the year 2006 with my wife

There is no doubt that sex with wife (solid partner) is always the best even after so many years and so many times. (I always feel my penis fit perfectly to her pussy(
The problem is often boredom accumulated from the daily routine. (It is always nice to change something, and holiday season is good time to break routine work..)

I don't know/care much about how others spend new years eve night, but I prefer quiet/peaceful and romantic night to welcome new year. So I decided to take my wife to Spa with very classy setting room and dinner, located far away from home. (Those who familiar with Picton, probably you know where we went from picture, although it cost twice in new years eve night, it's OK)

After struggling to drive through slippy snow highway 401 for three hours, we arrived to destination and had dinner with red wine.
Then we got into bath tab where full of hot water together, watching down the lake below balcony. (Probably someone could see us naked and playing from outside, since all drapers were fully opened)
We were touching and washing each other.

Then we had sex across year 2005 and 2006. Funny thing, which I can't figure out is there was one extra second. (Well, the bed at the Spa was so comfortable that I could enjoy long slow session.)

Once in a while, it is very nice to have change the routine, location, time etc.. by this way, it spice up the sexual pleasure without finding different sex partner.

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