The Worst Reply of the Year.... I hate those quick Reply..  

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12/22/2005 7:15 am

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

The Worst Reply of the Year.... I hate those quick Reply..

There are many good nature, warm heated people who try not to harm other's feeling even in sex site like here....
On the other hand, there are totally thoughtless, brainless persons here... Let me pick the worst three of this year. (I could request REVIEW on those persons, but I changed my mind since we're not in communist country)

1) "I don't respond to profile with erotic photo"
Give me a break, this is sex site.. then Don't show me Creamed open wide pussy on your profile.. Obviously she is dreaming about those high society class life style, but she doesn't know what she is doing.... (By the way, many people likes my horny profile picture... side effect is... I tend to get too many messege from gay man..."

2) "I'm only interested in single man"
Hun? This lady is also married, yet looking for discreet 1-on-1 sex... ????? I wonder what she is trying to achieve here... probably she is trying to get rid off current husband, and looking for the replacement (preparing for divorce)... what a dangerous woman!

3) "Sorry, I'm not interested in Gay man"
Hun? I'm not gay, not even bi-curious... I only sent him the thank-you-mail for posting on my blog (he said "I have something good for you")... but he became panicked and clicked/sent this messege three time... Obviously he is poor guy who never get laid from this site.. Don't be jealous, I'm enjoying here...

Anyway.... Be good! You don't have to share your miserableness to others... please keep it in your pocket.

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