Autumn is good for.....  

doit4joy 60M
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10/9/2005 4:56 pm

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Autumn is good for.....

So to speak....
Autumn is good for

All the excitement you accumulated during summer, if you have talent to put those into form of picture or article (not me... but I still have a lot of imagination that I haven't sorted out, good memory remains inside brain for a while) Oh.... I can do some music,,, I can get into the rhythm, but have to be short song...)

since night is longer, it may be good idea to read some book (but I can not read in dark any more due to age....)

Sure,,, it is good harvesting season, there are all kind of food to eat around (Yes, it's depend on the definition of word "Food" and "Eat")

Since summer is too hot, now it is good time to start some excercise. (Yeh, masturbation only consume 2kCal, real sex consume 200kCal)

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