Is There a Doctor in the House?  

docdirk 48M
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4/12/2006 5:17 pm

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4/15/2006 9:18 pm

Is There a Doctor in the House?

I hate to post another entry with me complaining about something, but I gots nuthing else anyway. (Wait a minute; did I just bitch about my own bitching???)

When I was younger, I suffered from allergies to nearly everything that lived, died or deposited anything into the air. Now that I’m a bit older, I realize that I suffer from allergies to EVERYTHING that lives, dies or deposits anything into the air. It starts around mid-March and won’t stop until the first snow or thereafter. Hay fever, pollen, ragweed in the warmer months, mold, mildew and similar ick in the cooler months. It’s nearly year round.

I was deep in the throes today. On a typical day, I’ll sneeze now and again, suffer from intermittent nose running and eye watering. But, every third or fourth day, all bets are off. When I say sneezing; I mean sneeze attacks of 10 or 12 straight. When I say nose running; I mean pure liquid of water consistency gushing out of my nose, down my chin and onto anything nearby. (Pretty picture, eh?) When I say eye watering; I mean as if I were poked by an angry thumb. I become a total mess.

I’ve tried the Claritin and similar new allergy meds, but they don’t help. My only alternative is a standard, OTC antihistamine which, or course, knocks me out. My symptoms stop, but I become a zombie and sleep away my life. Either way, I’m in pure misery.

I’d go to an allergist, but I’ve never heard of anyone benefiting from one. And, since I don’t have prescription coverage, I’m very much against becoming a pharmaceutical guinea pig. Does anyone of you beautiful people know of a “natural” or “alternative” allergy med that acts like an antihistamine that doesn’t knock you out? If so, and you choose to share, I will make it my life’s goal to pleasure you in any and very way!!!

Ah, Its you again, Your Angel Feathers and your Blood Stains...

rm_PurryKitty2 49M/51F
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4/12/2006 5:26 pm

I have an allergist and swear by flonase. Since it is a prescription get an over the counter nasal spray. They work wonders!!!

Purry {=}


docdirk replies on 4/12/2006 7:57 pm:
Thanks, Purry. I've never had the patience to finish a full course of nasal sprays. You've given me reason to try!

sexymamma662003 32F

4/12/2006 5:37 pm

my grandfather took alergy shots for 8 years and hasnt had an allergys since. 8 years seems like a long time but it isnt much when you can go the rest of your life with out them. and i had them so bad every summer hayfever till about 4 years ago all of a sudden they stopped now i jsut get one cold after another during the winter


docdirk replies on 4/12/2006 7:58 pm:
Hell, I'd take a shot at the shots about now. I'd even give them to myself! Thanks!

absolutelynormal 57F
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4/12/2006 5:37 pm

No, I'm not a doctor, but I'll play doctor with you There's an OTC steroid preperation much like flonase but the name escapes me right now. Ask the pharmacist, he/she will know. Or you can try something like Afrin but don't use it for more than 2 days in a row. I used to be the same way, had asthma, coughed and sneezed all the time but somehow I got over it, so glas I did. Sorry you didn't. Mac

docdirk replies on 4/12/2006 7:59 pm:
You can play doctor with me anytime!!!!

I'll check with a pharmacist about med you mentioned. It's only been a week or two since the freezing weather stopped, and I'm already hating it!

champagnechaser 42F
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4/12/2006 6:25 pm

I know, stop breathing

And i don't appreciate your bitching outside of Bitch Club. Sure, you cum to Bitch Club all dancin and singing about how glorious the flowers smell while you are skipping through the fields. That's what you get for breakin the rules!

(BTW, and the cage is all ready for your re-conditioning)

docdirk replies on 4/12/2006 8:02 pm:
Why do you think I have all of these friggin allergies? The singing and dancing in the goddamn flower gardens you have growing outside the steel reinforced walls at your asylum... I mean Foundation!

Bring on your cage, baby, these bars can't hold me!!!

NSAAddict 43F

4/12/2006 7:36 pm

Stinging nettle - 250 mg. freeze-dried extract every 2-4 hours or until symptoms subside
Ephedra: 12.5 - 25 mg. 3x day
Quercetin - 400 mg. 2x day between meals
Echinacea - 350 mg 3x day
Garlic - tablet equivalent of 10 cloves of garlic
Human Beings - As many as you can tolerate

Now about that pleasure... stop calling me a freak!

docdirk replies on 4/12/2006 8:03 pm:
So, what? Do I smoke this shit?

Prescription freak!

kyplowboy22 62M

4/12/2006 9:00 pm

Try to find you a local beekeeper and buy some honey from him. It is a proven fact that if you eat honey made from your general area, it will help you develope an immunity to local pollins. May not help with all your trouble, but it will cut back on lots of them. Ah, my bill will be in the mail, same address right? Later


docdirk replies on 4/13/2006 5:56 pm:
Thanks KPB! I'd not heard of that before, but it does sound logical. Now, I just need to find a local bee keeper. I believe a few do exist. And yes, just send the bill to the same addy. I'll happily add it to the ever growing pile!

BTW, are you saying honey CAN'T be fun with solo sex?

kyplowboy22 62M

4/12/2006 9:04 pm

Oh yeah, honey can be a lot of fun during sex too (no, not the kind by yourself, JJ), so find yourself a partner and bee your honey! lol


mangomamiCT 43F

4/12/2006 9:05 pm

At least you have your penis !!!

docdirk replies on 4/13/2006 5:56 pm:
True, but it appears that I've misplaced the user's manual!

Synn74 43F
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4/12/2006 9:30 pm

have you tried Chlortrimeton? just a thought..

hope you feel better soon

I welcome you to the House of Syn...

docdirk replies on 4/13/2006 5:57 pm:
I've tried most OTC meds, and they all clear up the symptoms. It's the drowsiness that kills me. I

Thanks for the good wishes!

mycin62 55F

4/13/2006 2:05 am

Quit your bitching and get some Zyrtec for Christs sake!!

Geeez, I even give it to my dog!

docdirk replies on 4/13/2006 5:59 pm:
Zyrted, eh? I'd try it, but you know, I am a bit of a chicken!

pragmaticCTcpl 62M/51F

4/13/2006 12:10 pm

AllergiClear- Reduce and prevent the symptoms of airborne and seasonal allergies and hayfever. Decrease or eliminate dependence on antihistamine drugs. Avoids the side effects of antihistamine drugs. Improves your overall resistance against allergens and support the immune system. Blocks the allergic reaction to allergens by preventing the release of histamine. Soothe and improve the health and functioning of mucous membranes. ...\8 Reduces susceptibility to colds, sinusitis, influenza and other respiratory infections worsened by allergies.

Now....about my up coming pleasure.....

docdirk replies on 4/13/2006 6:03 pm:
Hmmm, you wouldn't be a drup rep, now would ya?

This sounds like something I'd give a shot to. But it has to work first. Then and only then will your pleasure be my life goal!

Ah, who the hell am I kidding. You say when, that'll be me jumping! LOL!!!

SexyRycheBabe 46F
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4/13/2006 12:26 pm

I feel sorry for the suffering that you experience but all I could think about as you're describing your symptoms and afflictions is that you work in a place where people EAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Don't be mad. I still love ya.

docdirk replies on 4/13/2006 6:04 pm:
Shhhhh.... don't let the health inspectors overhear you!!!

Love ya back!

mycin62 55F

4/13/2006 8:07 pm

It's called ZYRTEC, unfortunaley it's a prescription drug. It works really well, my hubby takes it, he' like you, allergic to everything.

docdirk replies on 4/13/2006 8:57 pm:
Wow, one little spelling error, and people have the audacity to scream at me in my own blog! Whatever happened to manners?

mycin62 55F

4/14/2006 1:07 am

Fuck manners!!! Who said I had manners?

docdirk replies on 4/14/2006 5:20 pm:
Now your talkin!!!!

SilkenKiera 39F  

4/14/2006 12:01 pm

Oh boy do I know what your talking about! I wish I could help, but I don't take allergy medicine anymore because the treatment is worse than the cure! Hope you feel better!

Your sister with the sniffles,


docdirk replies on 4/14/2006 5:21 pm:
Helluva choice to make, ain't it? I usually take the meds as a last, last resort. I hate that zombie feeling. But when sneezing won't stop...

You have my sympathies, sister!

NSAAddict 43F

4/15/2006 7:39 pm

you don't smoke it silly, it's an enema

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