Another Day in Paradise  

dna247 41M
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4/6/2006 10:53 am
Another Day in Paradise

Just another day (or night) slaving away pushing a pen (ha) its 02:40a.m. and I am at work again bored shit-less just cruizing around this site. Always interesting stories to read (well sometimes). In one week have managed to lose my phone at the casino and get my wallet stolen from a large shopping centre. So I am on FIRE, I just wish somebody would put me out......I am burning alive (he he he) na not really but fuck it pisses me off. It's now a couple of days later and the anger is wearing off slowly...very very slowly but anyway there are worse off people than me. So I will stop complaining, days roll by and life always holds an adventure for me.

Some how I manage to always unnessecarily complicate my life, so I leave the day time soapies alone, i have enough drama in my life to write a novel,tv show, film and possibly a cartoon strip.
The X-girlfirend keeps interrupting my attempt to move forward. Managed to get someone pregant and go through that whole saga. I thought the pill was fool proof, looks like i am the only fool....hmmm I'll leave the details alone on that one. Managed to get picked-up by a another chic and shouted me beer all night, which isn't too bad. Quiet the reverse situation from usual scenario, but anyway. You take what your given, it definately was a spoon full of suger he he he. Life goes on looking for the greener grass. I think I'll put my rose coloured glasses back on and continue to whistle my sweet tune. Life is sweet if your care fact is ZERO.

Too a different subject..I thought men where deviates but I am starting to realise women are HEAPS more dirty, I was talking a couple of women and the shit that came out of there mouths made my mouth drop to the floor. There is pretty much NOTHING they won't dicuss or that is TABOO.

So my question to any one that is reading the shit dribbling from me at the moment is what is the queerest thing you have said (women) or you have heard. (blokes or women)

I was talking to this chic and she asked if we were together would I change here tampoon for here and put a new one in and then would I lick her out after I changed it for her....ahhhhhh I told her I would have to think about that one.......hhhmmmmm

I am still thinking about that one , she was a hotty but still hhhhmmmmm

There was more but I will save it for another time....TILL NEXT TIME


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