dmrwa 37M
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5/22/2006 4:36 pm

Do you close your eyes to see more clearly like I do?
When words are whispered do they seem to boom and echo longer than when screamed? Does it make them tingle that bit more? Stir the senses and drive the noise away like a light breeze through a humid day, tracing its way across your drowning shoulders and teasing the goose pimples.

It does for me.
I see more clearly in the dark and hear more sweetly when in sound space.
I arch to light touch and get shivers where the lightest pressure finds my skin.
I taste when starved and smell where the faintest murmur of a whiff passes just out of reach.

I’m sentient and the love I seek lurks in the subtleties.
Let others cry out and shout how theirs is without comparison,
But mine is complete and I do not wish for more, just more of the same.

Whisper to me love,
The soul is a quiet corner, not a bustling hub.

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