Valentine Day Prose  

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2/17/2006 4:51 am

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Valentine Day Prose

Blogger left the following series of questions on her blog.
Think outside the box...

Tell me...
What planet are you from?
What do you do there?
What other creatures live there?
What makes your planet better than mine?
What's the best reason(s) I should come to your planet?

Here is my response,

Here's hopin ur not close, cuz that might make this seem riddled with intention, rather than just bein' honest, heartfelt creativity.

A Peculiar Little Branch Originally posted 2/14

This planet I'm from isn't much more than a differing plane to your planet really.
You'll find it running parrallel to the stream of your existence as U traverse your own life.
Although I'd love 2 tell U it's name, truth B told, it's unpronounceable.
Conceptually like a tree with no roots
It stems from within itself into 2 branches one large & one small, both doing their part to furnish proof of it's own existence...
U C, it 2 wants 2 believe in it's own existence as well.
Proudly, the larger of the 2 branches sets it's foot in my world.
Done 2 provide the allusion of strength and stability, he still doubts.
His doubts a result of the way Earth people plainly ignore him.
As a woman sprouted from Earth and nurtured on this plane, the concept of my world is not something easily grasped or understood Not many have seen it, let alone visited, so to ask them 2 give birth to the idea is a tall order, let alone release it within their own minds.
Fact is, most women find it easier to believe it doesn't even exist.
Not having the chance to 2 know and understand it, how can they even begin to miss it.
Even I must admit, being of flesh and bone as well, sometimes the cynicism crawls into me. My relief comes in my belief, nay, in my faith that this peculiar second branch exists.
Growing against the laws of nature by growing against the warmth and rays of your worlds sun.
It does this in order 2 B seen in your world
And when it does finally touch this world you live in, it can only accomplish it one way,... by touching you...making U believe
Mostly, a lot of yearning goes on in this world I live, a yearning for U and others like U, waiting 2 b touched.
Until U actually feel his touch, the branch content's itself by living off the radiance of others like U.
Those R the creatures of my world - the haves, and have not peculiar little branches that yearn.
Living amongst the radiance of the women they touch, to prove they exist pass along some of their yearning.
But oh the irony...
This peculiar little branch that lives 2 give of himself, 2 prove he exits, fighting daily 4 what exactly?
4 his own beautiful, radiant, woman to keep him warm
... and thus he covets
He wants that one person that can free him from his insufferable yearning, a yearning he's cast upon himself.
As branches we live 2 provide you the radiance 2 keep us all warm U C.
So we work together now so there can N no difference between our worlds
So what is the best answer I can give 4 U to go seek a peculiar little branch that yearns?
Warmth, belief, and a need 2 B touched.
So that he can believe he exists and live 2 prove it 2 U every day.
What a peculiar little yearning branch he is.

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