Sitting here pondering!  

dish_man_np 46M
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7/10/2006 1:56 pm
Sitting here pondering!

Just sitting here thinking what it is I like about women and sex. I think My favorite parts on a Lady are her ass, legs, and back. I love the way a womans body curves. I love to touch, squeeze and pinch. I also love the way a woman smells. Sweet, Salty, and so yummy.

I think I like sex so much because I know how to please a woman. I really enjoy watching a womans eyes roll back in her head as she cums and her legs tighten and shake. She starts off really quite and then can't control her screams and moans. That is what sex is all about! I may cum early because most men do, But I will not stop until my partner has multiple orgasms!

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