dick down the street  

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10/20/2005 6:17 am

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dick down the street

i had been sucking on my brothers cock for some time when the chance would arrive to please another guy. My best friend down the street had two brothers, one older and one younger. His older brother was a bit of an idle for us, good looking, had just recieved a hich school scholarship to play football (quarterback) at a private school etc..... He was all that we dreamed of being when we became teens. Now we had played a little slap ass when ever i had sleep over before but this night would be very different from the rest. It started like most, i would spend the night on weekends at least twice a month. We all went down stairs to watch tv and sit byy the fireplace.....We all had paper routes to do in the morning so it wasnt uncommomn to be a sleep by 1030 or 1100 as we got up at 500 am to get started. I took my place next to my buddy on the floor, and his brother asked if i wanted to just share a sleeping bag. We laid both of ours down and he grab a blanket from upstairs to cover us.....He was right it was way softer that way and the fire was so hot you didnt need the warmth of a sleeping bag. We had only laid down for an hour or so and i could feel his hand hit my hip. He did it twice before I pushed him back....he moved his head a little closer to mine and asked if i was tired yet. i turned over and said no....and pushed his hip again... i could see the smile on his face as he felt my hand push him and he reached down and grabbed my hand. I gave a weak attempt of a struggle as he placed my hand on his cock. Even thru his shorts i could feel the heat coming off it. As he heldit in place i began to move my fingers to litely stroke the underside. I felt his cock jump with my touch and became very hard myself. H e let go of my hand to give me more freedom and i instantly ran my hand inside his shorts to feel his hot cock. I knew almost immedately that i wanted to suck his cock but was hoping he would ask or tell me too. he laid there for a while and gave a few moans of pleasure. i moved my head from next to his shoulder to the middle of his stomach as if i needed a better view to see what i was doing. as he lifted his ass in the air to free his cock from his shorts and underwear i moved in for a closer look....WOW what a huge dick you have i whispered....with no reply from him i lowered my head back to his stomach and began to stroke him again....watching that big dick jump and his balls roll aroound made me hotter and hotter for a taste....i had a feel ing he wouldnt stop me from sucking his cock but i wanted to know that he wanted it from me.... i started to drag my head up his stomach towards his face.....he stopped it around mid chest and i knew that this was my chance....as he gave my head a slight push i lowered it to the tip of his cock....as i put the tip of his cock into my hot mouth he grab a hold of my hand that was wrapped around the base of his dick.....i figured he was going to stop me so i pushed my head onto his dick as far as i could..... i felt his hips raise and the lower back to the ground... with no protest as of yet i started to bob up and down on his cock as fast as i could thinking an minute he would stop me.....i evened my pace and struggled to get as much of his big dick into my mouth....i could feel his grip start to tight on the base of his dick and this time as i came up i spoke to him..... just let go of it i will take care of every thing....i said...his reply was i going to cum soon....i know what to do i said and i felt his hands move from his cock to his sides....as i got back to the tip of his dick i licked the precum from his head....i swallowed his cock once again and quickened my pace as breathing got deeper i felt his hands move to the top of my head.... and then all at once his cock explodes in my mouth....his hot cum pouring out....i begin to suck down as he tries to pull out....drinking as much as i can there is still pplenty of cum left on his stomach and balls.....he has moved his hands back to the base of his cock like a vice...his thick cock laying on his stomach and the soft moans made me want to clean the mess i had made....as i began to clean his cum from his stomach he protested and got up....he walked away and went into the bathroom got himself together and came back to lay down... he turned to me and said we should never speak of this there was along silence before he added that i woould be allowed to do it again though next weekend.....with that reassurance i turned over and went to sleep knowing i might be a good little brother to every one....as you can imagine i was allowed to blow him every other weekend without fail for at least a year maybe a touch longer..... and just as soon as he needs started to end....my best friend and i started to hit it off....but what a different type of experience that would be....

KittieKatPlay 38F

10/20/2005 11:33 am

wow...interesting story but please tell me when you said sucking your brothers dick. You didnt mean your real brother.

discreet7001 49M
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10/20/2005 1:35 pm

yes i meant my real brother, that is how all this got started is with him, thanks for your comment and i hope you visit again in the future.....Paul

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12/7/2005 8:24 am


rm_ecboi 47M
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3/8/2006 2:18 am

Awesome story dude. I have some of my own that we should share.

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