my first dirty story  

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3/26/2005 1:28 pm

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my first dirty story

When i was 18 i had $800.00 and hopped on a plane in toronto and flew to vancouver.didn't know a soul. found a job right away and a boarding house to stay.
my first boarding mate was a newfie about 27 years old. the second or third week there we got chattin. he says hop in my truck and i'll show you what vancouver is all about. we cruised the city for about an hour ,stopped at a beer store grabbed a 24 and continued on my tour..he sparks up a doobie and we cruise the streets. he explaining what this and that was for city landmarks and were to go to get what.

he pulls up to a corner downtown and yells out my window at this woman(early 30's) walkin down the street and she comes over to the truck. he starts chattin her up tellin her he was 19 and i was a relative of his that was 16. she starts chattin us up pretty good.(pretty sure she could smell the weed/beer).
buddy says ya wanna go party for a while. sure she says what do you have in mind..just cruise around for a while have a drink and a toot.she cranks my door open hops over top of me and says sure lets go. we start driving around downtown vancouver..puffin and drinkin.she starts rubbin my leg and very quickly starts rubbing my crotch and his at the same time,shew keeps going on about our age and how she hadn't been with guys so young for a long time and she had never been with two so young at once.she starts at my fly pulling out my essence and started licking and sucking my hard throbbing member while stroking my newfie buddy at the same time.
this went on for a couple of blocks..sitting at red lights gettin licked is a memory i still cherish ..lookig out at cars beside us grinnin from ear to ear.
my newfie bud couldn't take it anymore and pipes up this isn't going to work out lets grab a motel room and have some real fun.she slurps up...yes lets i want both of you..buddy pipes up i know a perfect spot..minutes later we're parked in front of a divey cottage motel off kingsway..he gets a room and we bust threw the door my member throbbing and aching..we start kissing and licking her all over peeling her clothes off her doing the same pulling at our flys and pullg at our pulsing members..sucking licking insues..the ruff caresses of hot and steammy sex..newf and i look at each other who's first..he pulz a coin from his jean pocket..we'll call it(flip)..headz i laugh as she is presently doing so....(2 be continued)
well this is my first attempt at a blog..will continue anuther day

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