Where's the woman who loves to.........  

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4/6/2006 8:55 pm
Where's the woman who loves to.........

Where is the woman who loves to run around the house, very scantily clad(a thin, short minnie skirt with no panties,a half top and a pair of running shoes), just to turn me on. lol She takes the time to learn my hot spots, and what pleases me. She loves to greet me at the door, always showing an eagerness to please. Always, she greets me with a kiss. Sometimes, quickly falling to her knees, unbuckling my belt, undoing my pants and dropping them to my ankles, pulling my underwear to my ankles too. I reach down and clench a handful of hair at the base of her neck, pull her up to look into her eyes and kiss her again. Then returning her to her knees again, she begins sucking my cock. I moan and take a deep breath. She wraps one hand under and behind, the other around and behind. I feel her warm hands on my naked ass as she sucks me a little faster. Ohhhhh baby, you're doing it just right, I tell her. She holds me close and sucks harder. I moan, she looks up at me, locking her eyes to mine. She sees that she is pleasing me and sucks faster and harder. I moan louder and after several minutes, she knows I'm almost ready to explode. She holds me close as I begin to thrust uncontrollably. Ooooohh baby, YESSSSSS I cum very hard thrust after thrust. She sucks and swallows it all, holds me close and sucks until I stop moaning. Again, clenching a handful of hair, I pull her up and kiss her again, tell her she was so good she deserves a reward.

Sweeping her off her feet into my arms, I take her into the bedroom, sit her on the bed, tie her hands together and blindfold her. I quickly shed my clothes. I place her on her back and tie her hands to the headboard of the bed. I push up her skirt, move my arms under her thighs and begin to kiss the inside of one knee, slowly working my way up her inner thigh. Nibbling and kissing slow circles, first up one thigh, then the other. By the time I finish the second one, she is very wet and squirming a little. She knows what I'm about to with my warm, skillful tongue. I begin licking her outer lips, around, up, down. She moans Oooooohhh! She breathes deep and often. I lick her more, slightly faster, around, in and out, little bites, licking between inner and outer lips, around for several minutes. I also find her g-spot with my finger. She maons, OOOOOhh. Her breathing is heavier and she moans louder and often. I move to her clit and swirl my tongue around it. She begins to thrust her hips to me, I suckle and suck her clit, swirling my tongue around it. She bucks, I hold her down and hold her close, still sucking. She explodes, moaning, screaming YESSSSS...YESSSSS. She cums very hard over and over. I suck and hold her until she finally relaxes. I lick and clean her with my tongue, just like she did me. I lay there, my head on one thigh, her pussy still throbbing. I hold her close, listen to her breathe.

I then move up between her legs, pausing to remove her blindfold and untie her hands. I also remove her skirt and top. I pause again to suckle her breasts and swirl my tongue around her nipples many times. She moans, Oooooh! I move up and slide my very hard cock inside her warm, wet pussy, very slowly. I push all the way in as she wraps her legs around me. I look deeply into her eyes and smile. She smiles back. I begin sliding my hard cock all the way in and out, over and over again. She reaches down, grabs my ass and pulls me in. Harder, deeper, she says, and pulls me in, I thrust into her harder and faster. She moans, saying Yes!, Yes! You feel so good inside me. Please cum inside me, fill me with your love, baby! I thrust, pulling her shoulders down as I pump into her. I moan, Ooooooh I'm going to cum, I tell her. Me too, she says. I thrust, she thrusts back and pulls me in. We stare into each others eyes as we both explode, I fill her with my cum, streams of my cum. She cums hard too, over and over with each thrust. After we've cum, I kiss her, lay my head on her shoulder and breathe very deeply. Still throbbing, both of us. I say, did you like your reward, sweetie? She says, oh yes!, did I please you enough? I say, Yes you did!

Still inside her, still hard, I continue. She knows I love to fuck her all night, over and over again, and she loves to have my hard cock inside her. We cum several more times, before falling asleep in each others arms.

Where is she? Is she out there? The search continues.......

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