Where's the woman who loves to say, Oh my God?  

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4/6/2006 8:56 pm
Where's the woman who loves to say, Oh my God?

The one who, after having breakfast with me, loves to have me take her to the bedroom, tie her hands together, and to the headboard of the bed. Still wearing that short skirt with no panties, a half top and running shoes, she watches me undress. I am completely naked and very hard, because she teased me all through breakfast. She’s anticipating, wondering, but knowing what’s next. I move up between her legs, my arms sliding under her thighs. I push her skirt up above her hips, and look into her eyes. She lowers her head back and sighs deeply. She raises up, looks into my eyes again. I say, will you fix lunch for me, after I’m through? She says, lunch? It’s only 9 o’clock! I say, yes, lunch. I’m going to see how hard and often I can make you cum before lunch. She lowers her head back and sighs deeply again and says, Oh my god! She knows I mean it, and watches as I begin with her inner left knee, kissing, nibbling and licking slow circles, gradually moving up her inner thigh. She sighs again, and watches. She feels my breath on her pussy, as I brush over it, on the way to her other thigh. I nibble, kiss and lick slow circles up to her knee and back. Pausing to kiss her lightly, she shudders, takes a deep breath and says, oh my god, that feels good! I continue nibbling, kissing, licking circles up her other leg to her knee and back again. My hands holding her hips to the bed as she tries to thrust toward my tongue. She is very wet! I begin licking her gently, slowly, circling, in, out, around, moving close to her clit and away again. Holding her hips firmly, I continue with a firm kiss, taking her into my mouth, swirling my tongue around her clit. She shudders and moans, OOOOh, as she cums. I continue to suck and swirl her clit in my mouth. She is moaning and cuming uncontrollably, thrusting against my grip, cuming hard, over and over again. Since I have learned her super hot spots, she has no control as she cums and cums, again and again. She cums so many times over the next 20 minutes she loses count. She screams and moans loud and on every thrust of her hips. She begins to cum down, I lick her clean, hold her close, look into her eyes. She smiles! I smile back as she takes several deep breaths.

I move up to slide my very hard cock inside her. As I slowly slide in, she wraps her legs around me, locking her ankles. I pull back a little to lift her top, exposing her breasts and very hard nipples. I pause to suckle her breasts, swirling my tongue around her nipples. She moans, oh, baby, oooooh. I continue swirling each nipple many times. She’s very hot and eager again. I begin with long, slow, deep strokes, pulling down gently on her shoulders with each stroke. Her moans of approval are very evident. After many minutes, my pace quickens and our breathing becomes heavy. She knows I am about to explode, because I am looking into her eyes. She’s about to cum again too. Our pace quickens, our eyes locked in a concentrated gaze, our moans with every stroke. We’re both going to cum and we know it. OOOOOOh, OOOOOOH, we moan. Her ankles still locked, me thrusting, her meeting every one. I explode inside her, filling her with streams of cum, as I stare into her eyes. She cums, moans, cums with every thrust. Still thrusting, until the cuming subsides, gradually we come down off the peak. I kiss her, hold her close, still inside her. She relaxes, I lay on top of her, holding her close, whispering in her ear, you’re so beautiful baby, I love you. She moves her head to kiss me, I love you too, sweetie. I lay there for a few minutes. Then, oh look, we still have an hour and a half before lunch. I look at her and smile. She smiles back, takes a deep breath and says, oh my god.

I move back down, slide my arms under her thighs and begin to nibble, kiss and lick slow circles on her inner left knee. I begin again, the slow turn on she loves so much……………Many more orgasms later. It’s lunch time! She gladly fixes lunch for the man that makes her cum so hard and often. She’s teasing me again, throughout lunch.

I take her back to the bedroom, tie her hands together and to the headboard, and ask, will you fix dinner for me after I’m through? She says, dinner? Oh my god! I begin again…….LOL

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