Part 2!  

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3/5/2006 5:44 am

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Part 2!

Before i knew it i had 3 guys with big hard cocks on the settee in front of me - my task was to suck them all.
I moved down the line - talking Matts in my mouth 1st, sucking and licking, before moving on to Joe and finally Jim.
My heart was still pounding, i was in a high state of arousal and i hadn't even been touched properly yet.
I knew what was doing was "wrong" but i thought to hell with it - tonight was the night i was going to cut loose.
I needed sex!!
I deceided to take control again!
"You lot need to play a different game" i said "The winner gets to have me for 10 minutes for anything they want."
Jim eyed the playstation connected to the tv - "i know" he said "we'll play each other at Football on the PS, the 1st one to score a goal gets you and while you're away they other two can play for you!"
It was hardly romantic way to get a winner but it seemed as good as any to me! For some reason i just didnt fancy a free for all.
The 1st game started - Joe v Matt and within a minute Matt was celebrating a goal!!
He turned to me smiling and held out his hand - "Lets go to the bedroom"
We got to the room and quickly shut the door - he turned kissing me passionatly and deeply - "you're really gonna get fucked tonight" he whispered.
He turned and threw me onto the bed - my skirt rode up revaeling my shining, shaved pussy - "i'm going to have to taste that" he said.
He got between my legs and flicked his tongue onto my clit - AT LAST!!!!!!!
A shudder ran through my body, i threw my head back on the pillow and positioned my hands and the top of his head - not holding him in place but just letting him know i wanted him there.
It didnt take long!!! He must have known it wouldnt from the noise i was making!!! Within a minute i was experiencing the most powerful and violent orgasm i could ever remember, grinding my pussy into his face and thrashing around helplessly!
He came up for air smiling!!!
Time to fuck!!!
I was still shaking as he took his hard cock out and slid it straight into my tight little pussy - i was soooo sensitive and still so fucking horny!
i wrapped my legs round him and let him thrust into me - his cock felt so big and hard - our moans were muffled by deep kisses - it was soooo exciting for me!!! And for him too!!! He let out a louder moan pulled his cock from me and shot cum all over my belly.
I got a gentle kiss off him before he jumped up and moved to the door - i'll see who's next he smiled!
2 minutes later Jim let himself into the room.
"Time to get crazy" he said!
Jim was a big BJ fan!!! AS he lay against the headboard I was instructed to suck his cock!
I moved down between his legs, teasing him slightly, licking his shaft and balls before spitting on them and licking below his balls round to his ass - all men love that and he was no exception!
Time to stop teasing and start the real stuff!!!
I moved to the tip of his cock and took him into my mouth - i knew he wouldnt be long either - ever since i had my tongue pierced i could get men off EASILY with my mouth. Not that it was hard before!!!
I tickled his balls and gave him a sloppy bj with loads of eye contact - he gave me a little "i'm cumming" warning but i've always enjoyed bj's and i was totally ready for the big salty load that soon splashed into my mouth. I squeezed his cock and got every last drop out - cleaning him with my mouth - "Happy??"
"You bet i fucking am" he smiled!
Up he jumped and headed for the door - bit of a selfish bastard i thought but i really didnt mind!
Joe was there before i could catch my breath!!!
"Lets fuck" he gasped!
Joe liked to talk dirty and i love it!
"Get on the bed you slut and bend over!"
I didnt need asking twice!!
Joe stripped and slapped my ass with his hard cock, rubbed his hand round my soaking pussy to find my hole and positioned his cock!
"You need fucking hard!"
This was more like it!!!!!
What followed was 10 minutes of hard doggy style sex - my ass was slapped, my ass was fingered and i came like a fucking train as Joe screwed me like i deserved!
Finally he pulled out and came all over my ass!!
"Next time i'm going to screw ur ass" he promised!
I giggled - bring it on!!!

Round One was over but there was sooo much more to come and in my next installment i'll tell you all about it..................

Naughtybutnice_8 36M

3/6/2006 5:00 am

Hey Tasha, loving the real life fantasy, keep those installments coming.

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