What a Morning! (part 2)  

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5/12/2006 12:07 pm

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What a Morning! (part 2)

I met a man through AdultFriendFinder a couple of weeks ago and we've been chatting back and forth since then. He seemed nice and I was looking forward to meeting him. He didn't live or work close to me and our schedules didn't match up very well, but we had finally arranged to hook up this morning. I'm not going to give you his handle, but if he wants to identify himself, he'll leave a comment here.

We were both a little nervous when he came in. He was good looking with a stocky build. We both stripped down and I started playing with his cock. It was the first uncut cock I had ever had in my hands. He was still soft but I could already tell he was going to be big. I asked if he would be more comfortable if he sat down on the couch, and he did. I started licking, stroking and sucking his nice cock as it grew.

I can easily say the this was the hardest cock I'd ever felt. No question. His cock was hard and while not the longest I've seen, still above average length but very thick. It was hard to suck on something that size without gagging as I did a couple of times.

As I was licking and sucking his cock, he was playing with my ass. He wanted me to stop so that he could slide his cock between my ass cheeks. I got him some lube and soon he was behind me. We were both standing and he slid his cock around my ass while reaching in front and playing with my cock.

I really didn't plan on getting fucked, but it felt so good to have his cock there, that I bent over and wanted to give it a try. And try he did. I got more lube and rubbed it on my ass and he tried again, but he was too big. Ouch. It wasn't going to work.

I wiped his cock off and began sucking it again. I told him to cum in my mouth if he wanted, but maybe I shouldn't have done that. He started thrusting his hips and holding my head, and when he exploded in my mouth, it was too much. I couldn't keep him in my mouth and I've never seen that much hot creamy cum before. Wow!

This morning I learned that I have more to learn about how to handle big cocks. I hope that I will have the opportunity to hook up with this man again to practice. What a morning.

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