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5/31/2006 3:50 pm

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6/5/2006 9:17 pm


Isn't there a woman on this sight that wants a real relationship? To be treated with respect and decency? That wants to be courted like in the old days? I don't get it.....I've heard women complain about men showing nothing but cock shots.....but damn! most of the women on this sight I've seen so far have shown there tits and everything else just as bad as the men do! I am NOT a prude or anything like that. I like sex as much as anyone else, but it shouldn't be that hard for a goodlooking, hardworking, loyal monogomous man to be noticed on a sight with as many members as this one. Unless that is all that anyone wants anymore is sex. Before you know it prostitution will be cheap and overrated and companionship alone will be the premium.


Blue_eyes_smile 43F

5/31/2006 4:22 pm

LOL..I know you probably don't think that it's funny. But I can see where you'r coming from. Most of the men on AdultFriendFinder want a " no strings attatched sex" type relationship..if you can call it that. I have also noticed that alot of the women in the chat rooms bitch because all they get are cock shots, well if you look at their profile they are spread eagle showing off their crotch too. I have photos like that on my profile but I also have face pictures as well. I've tried having just the face pictures on my profile, and then I noticed no one views my profile. When I ask why? They answer its a sex web site, put some other type of photos on your profile and you will get viewed more. Sad, I think, but true.

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