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12/16/2005 11:24 am

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It was my birthday this week and I got very spoilt! Last night was the best. My hubby surprised me with a birthday party. All my friends came. We had a braai and music.

My best friend and I were telling everyone of how naughty we were in our younger days (not that we are not naughty anymore).

It was very hot and our pool looked so inviting, but everyone just sat and chatted. After everyone left I decided to strip and dive into the pool. I enjoyed playing in the cold water. I swam to the inlet pipe of the pool and enjoyed the water gushing against my naked pussy. I folded my arms onto the side of the pool and lay my head on my arms while enjoying the feeling of the jets of water playing over my clit.

I became aware of someone entering the water behind me. Thinking it was my hubby I just smiled. The person came up behind me, kissing my neck and putting his hands over my boobs. I could feel a nice firm cock pressing against my buttocks. I let go of the side of the pool and stood up with my legs apart, opening my pussy to allow the cock to slip in. As it slipped in I though that my hubby must be very aroused, as it felt a bit different than normal.

My eyes were still closed. He was still playing with my nipples. My nipples were hard and the cock inside me felt nice and warm. I was moving myself up and down on it. I tilted my head back and his lips pressed onto mine. The kiss did not feel right! I opened my eyes and looked straight into my best friend's son's eyes. I was so shocked! Here I was in the pool, his cock in my pussy and his hands on my boobs and I did not even know that I was busy fucking my friend’s son and not my hubby! His grip tightened and I could not wriggle myself loose. He kept on ramming his cock into me. I knew it was wrong, but my body was responding to the wonderful feeling of the young cock inside me. The climax was building up and before long both our bodies were shaking with waves of orgasm.

Both our bodies started relaxing and I swam away from him. I jumped out of the pool and grabbed my towel. He lay in the pool with a smile on his face. I asked him how he could do something like that. He swam to the edge and with a smile said: “It is all your own fault, you and my mom kept on telling your naughty stories and you don’t think of the effect it has on the people listening.” He jumped out of the pool, grabbed his clothes and walked off.

I sat there remembering the feeling of the young cock inside me. My hubby came out looking for me. He kissed me and led me inside. Before long we were making passionate love on our bed. I loved the feeling of his cock inside me. It felt so good and right and I knew that I could not tell him what had just happened to me before he came out!

My surprise birthday party did indeed have more than one surprise to it and it was not a bad surprise either!

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12/16/2005 11:32 pm

Love your new story! Fact or fantasy?

LongJatYrService 58M
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12/18/2005 11:53 pm

Firstly - Happy birthday - it sound like you had quite a good time - What an experience, hot noght, cool water, hotter bodies - good formula for fun!

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