Sex Slave?  

dimples1214 59F
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2/21/2006 7:13 am

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3/29/2006 3:09 am

Sex Slave?

I have been asked 3 times in the past 2 weeks to become somebodies Sex Slave. What gives them the impression that I am submissive?

I quite like the idea of playing the roll of "Mistress" and taking control!!!

equitiestrader 50M

2/22/2006 1:36 am

I think a woman taking control sounds kind of sexy. Maybe it's because my wife is mostly submissive. I don't know why your husband is freaked out when he has such a liberated wife.
After reading many of your posts, I also don't know why some men think you submissive. Maybe owning you will be an ego bost for them.

dimples1214 59F

2/22/2006 6:29 am

Thanks I like your comment!!! Makes me feel better! I thought I was giving of the wrong vib!

Toodela 60M
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2/22/2006 3:14 pm

Also never thought of you as one, who would want you to be his slave, anyway? You can take all you want, when you want and as you want it. No wrong vibes here


Honor has not to be won; it must only not be lost.

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anyoneforfuckkzn 60

2/26/2006 3:13 am

Playing slave and/or mistress could both be great fun. I would not say no!

rm_dbnfun35 48M

2/27/2006 10:52 am

Can't say that I'm the slave type but I'd love to be able to tell another couple to perform whatever sex acts I want on each other while I watch.

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