Meeting mr Smith my cyber lover for the first time!  

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12/28/2005 5:14 am

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Meeting mr Smith my cyber lover for the first time!

After months of cyber sex I decided it was time to meet in person. It was not very easy as he lived on the other side of the world. After a lot of explaining about needing a holiday desperately and why I wanted to fly all the way to the Uk, I was finally on my way.

I had not told my lover that I intended meeting him in person; it had to be a surprise. (And it was!) Arriving in London I checked into the hotel. Had a nice bath and a rest. By midday I felt great. I asked the lady at reception to find the listing for Mr. Smith (not real name). I explained that I wanted to surprise him and needed her help.

The plan was hatched. She phoned his house asked for his work phone no and then phoned him. She told him that there was a problem with his tax return and that someone would need to come and see him in person. A meeting was arranged for ten the following morning.

I woke up early the morning. Had a nice bath. Put cream on my body and perfume and then it was time for my make up. I took special care, wanting to look my best. I wore my black boots and an ankle length coat with a scarf and nothing ells.

Getting into the cab I wondered what his reaction would be. The photo’s that I had sent him showed me with red hair and with spectacles. Now my hair was short and blond and I wore blue contact lenses.

Arriving at his work I told the lady I was miss Jones from the receiver of revenue. She told me Mr. Smith was expecting me and showed me into his office.
The man who greeted me was nothing that I expected. He had shoulder length dark hair and dark eyes, big built but not very friendly. I was trembling, a bit scared.

He stood up and shook my hand. Closed the door and offered to take my coat. I could see he had no idea who I was. I removed my scarf and unbuttoned my coat slipping it off. His eyes widened in shock and disbelief! “What is this?’ he stammered!

I smiled and said “David it’s me, your cyber lover, in person!” He was bright red. Gave me back my coat and asked me to get dressed. I have never seen a man so nervous before!

He asked me where I was staying and asked if he could please come see me in the hotel he really could not do anything at work!!!!

So back to the hotel I went wondering if I have just made the biggest mistake of my life. I kept seeing the dark eyes and unsmiling face…. What would happen next?

rm_fatttone 42M

12/28/2005 5:04 pm

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