Meeting for coffee has never been this nice!  

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1/20/2006 10:46 pm

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3/29/2006 3:18 am

Meeting for coffee has never been this nice!

I got married when I was 19. I went on one blind date and it was a disaster. We hated each other on sight. We spent the whole evening arguing and could not wait for the date to be over.

I have never had to go out and meet a man. Before I met and fell in love with my hubby I had two or three dates lined up every night. When my friends asked me what I was planning to do that evening and with whom, my reply would be: “ I may go dancing with Tom or to the movies with Dick or to a Rugby match with Harry, depending who arrives first”.

Now after all these years I was meeting a guy for coffee. I met him on AdultFriendFinder and my friend Heather told me to make sure I meet him in a public place - you never know what kind of creep he may turn out to be!

Arriving at our local shopping mall , walking to the entrance where we had agreed to meet, it felt as if the whole world was watching me and that everyone knew what I was up to! As luck would have it, he had not yet arrived. I stood waiting for 2 ‒ 3 min and then slipped into the first store I saw. It was a computer shop. I pretended to look at the web cams but was sure I was not fooling any one.

Walking out I saw Stuart standing there, waiting with his back turned towards me.
He was young and very good-looking and I immediately recognized him from the nude photos he had sent me. My heart was pounding in my chest as I walked towards him. I suddenly felt so old !!! What was I doing meeting a guy young enough to be my son! I was 2 metres away from him when I lost my courage. I swung round and started walking away fast.

I rounded the corner slipping into a music shop. I just breathed a sigh of relief when I heard loud footsteps and a man calling my name. Standing still I hoped he would give up but a strong hand gripped my arm. “Hi Dimples, sorry I was late. Come lets go for coffee.”

At the coffee shop they seated us right at the back. It was as if they knew why we were there and I felt very conspicuous. We started chatting and the uncomfortable feeling evaporated. He had a good sense of humor and we enjoyed our chat. He started telling me about his wife and their bad sex life and I started telling him what I liked about sex.

Soon the question came, “Where do we go from here?” I tried to side step the question, but kept repeating it “Where do we go from here Dimples?”

Well, I am a female in a shopping center so I said “Let go shopping.” He looked at me puzzled, but said OK and followed me. We walked into the first shop and I started grabbing stuff off the rails and walked to the dressing cubicles. He sheepishly followed me without a word.

I closed the curtain and dropped the clothes to the floor. He was taller than me. I looked up at him, his arms went around my waist and we started kissing passionately. His lips were nice and soft. My hands went down his firm young body, searching for his manhood. I brushed against his front of his pants and felt the huge bulge inside.
I bent down on my knees and started pulling his pants down. His cock leaped out! It was one of the nicest cocks I have ever seen. He was so hard and thick. He pulled my shirt off and expertly slipped my bra off before you could say fiddle sticks. I took his nice big cock and pushed it between my big boobs. He stood there fucking my tits. I loved every second as his cock slipped thru my tits, his gigantic cock head slipping into my hungry mouth. My nipples were rock hard with excitement. I could feel my juices dripping from my cunt.

I just wanted to eat that cock. I started licking his balls, taking one into my mouth and then the other. I licked his cock up and down the nice long shaft, his huge cock jerking in excitement. Then it was in my hot mouth. I played with it in my mouth, nibbling at this giant salami. Moving my mouth up and down, sucking it in deeper and deeper into my throat. His hands were on my boobs, playing with my nipples, tugging & twirling them and making me shudder in ecstasy. My body was aching with excitement making me suck his cock even more, taking it deeper into my throat. I could feel his cum starting to boil and then he shot his load, squirting hot flaming sperm into my wanton mouth. I was lapping up every single drop as if I was dying of thirst. He was groaning loudly, unknowingly attracting the sales lady’s attention to the door. “Are you ok in there.” she asked. Looking up into his satisfied brown eyes and smiling face, swallowing the last mouthful I answered breathless, “Yes, we’re doing just fine”.

We dressed hurriedly, grabbing the clothes and walked out, a huge smile on our faces.

As we walked out I heard the one sales lady saying to the other “I cannot believe she took her son in there with her to try on clothes.” I just threw her a naughty smile, thinking quietly to myself, if only you knew the truth!.

As we parted at the entrance, I gave him an affectionate pat on his nice firm buttocks, saying “Goodbye my boy, be a good boy now, we must do this again soon”. I turned and walked away with a song in my heart and my pussy still shivering in delight as my latest conquest, the taste of his sweet cum lingering in mouth still hours afterwards.

rm_stoutbok 48M
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1/22/2006 8:57 pm

What a thrilling story. I got rock hars just reading that.

rm_stoutbok 48M
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1/22/2006 8:59 pm

Feeling better now. Couldn't even type properly, I was so horny.

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