Can you fix your man?  

dimples1214 59F
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2/18/2006 3:08 am

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3/29/2006 3:12 am

Can you fix your man?

I just came across this article in a mag. Now I don't think you can change any person. I do think my hubby would love to change me back to the old me.

I was his boring, sweet, innocent wife who felt hurt and rejected by him watching porn. Always wanting attention from him, but rejecting him because I felt he only wanted me after being aroused by the pretty little porn-stars. I felt like a lost shoe.

Now I call him to watch porn with me. I talk about sex as if I am talk about the weather. I love my naughty chats on-line. I am the one wanting more and more sex.

The end result is that I have him total freaked out! Not knowing what I am going to come up with next. I am enjoying being in my naughty 40's!

Now all the married men that I have met on-line describe their wives to be the way I use to be.
For your-sakes I hope you can handle her when she finally wakes up and decides that she wants more out of life!!

To my hubby, I love you. Sorry for scaring you the way I do!!!

freespirtalways 59F

2/18/2006 6:21 am

Every guy dreams of having a slut in his bed, but we were taught by our dear mom's to be virgin's! So its all their faults that we all end up being unhappy don't you agree?

anyoneforfuckkzn 60

2/18/2006 6:25 am

So while your horizons are expanding, is his shrinking?

Toodela 60M
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2/19/2006 4:24 pm

No way! ... what's wrong with your hubbies? My ex never needed to look at porn or other naked men. She had it all and only realises it now. Like the way you think Dimples


Honor has not to be won; it must only not be lost.

~One Minute in Life~

CyrusV4 54M

2/19/2006 10:46 pm

My wife is the typical, ultra-conservative Afrikaaner boere-nooi.
She walks out of a movie (and drags me out too) if they show just the flash of a boob... she freaks out at any picture of sexy girls (even clothed!)
I am the opposite, brought up in a broad-minded, easy-going family.

I sometimes wish she would wake up to the 21st century and see what life is really all about! If she followed Dimples' example, I would be only to hapy for her. I am sure I could handle it...

I am visiting KZN in late June (without the wife)... any tips on where to go and what to do? Durban /Pietermaritzburg area.

All the best,

dimples1214 59F

2/22/2006 6:40 am

I grew up in Pietermaritzburg and Durban, contact me, I will give you nice tips!!!

rm_dbnfun35 48M

2/24/2006 12:13 pm

You sound a lot like my wife. She's gone from pretty conservative to really wild, emailing rather xxx pictures of herself around, going naked in public and has 2 very "close" male friends. It took a bit of getting used to but I definately like the change (and she's always horny now).

dimples1214 59F

2/24/2006 9:27 pm

Your wife and I must be twin's!!!

CyrusV4 54M

2/26/2006 10:16 pm

Unfortunately i am only a standard member and cannot email you directly. If you are a silver or gold member, you can email me from my profile page. otherwise let's see if this gets through

rm_bvdm 63M
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3/15/2006 1:28 am

When I met my wife she was always ready for some fun, we did it in the car on the dam,in the drive-inn just about every where, then as time went on she changed, and it was not the kids that did it as after our first she was still always cock teasing male friends and ready for fun, then it just seamed to die, for the last 20 years it was like living with a dead person sexually, I started considering all the alternatives like prostitutes,affairs and devorce,then all of a sudden about a month ago, BANG, she's back, now a bit older but really just as sexy, demanding sex at any time, even talking about 3 somes, I feel like I have died and gone to heaven, what goes with you women????

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