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3/26/2005 10:38 am

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It was in holidays when I had my first experience having sex while being bound. Because I tickled her, may be too much, she put my hands and take a rope I had in my suitcase for hanging wet towels on it after a day on the beach. At that moment I was a little bit exhausted, so I did not resist. She bound my wrists on the bedpost. To my amusement this causes a sexual desire ‒ and is was a fantastic experience being helpless, incapable to react by myself.

At home I start to experiment with selfbondage. Today I have had some experience. It is a special kick to be bound and wait for the escape.

What you need is:
- two padlocks and a chain (handcuffs will
also do, but what would you say if
someone find them?)
- two lamps from the bedside table
- two timers
- two strings
- a candle

Bound one of the keys from the padlock at each string. Fix the string about 30 cm from the key on the bulb with the help of wax. The take off one or more pictures from the wall. And hang the two lamps and the other ends of the string instead on the nails..

Set the timers and bound yourself.

If the time is over the timer will switch on the light. The bulb is getting hot. The wax will melt and the keys fell down. You can also take only one timer ‒ but shit happens. Even two timers is not 100% safe, so don’t forget to have your mobile phone reachable.

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3/26/2005 12:06 pm

I would *NEVER* use fire/heat when playing with self bondage. What if something went wrong and the wax caught on fire while you were naked and in bondage?

Try this instead:
1. open your padlock/handcuffs with a key, then set aside (do this a day in advance)
2. freeze key in a block of ice overnight. How thick the ice is determines how long you are bound for.
3. On play day, bring ice cube/block out and set in a bowl to melt.
4. Set yourself in bondage, play all you want. You are bound until that block of ice melts.

The safety here is that there is no fire, and if you really really need to get that key, you can smash the block with a hammer or stick the ice in the microwave to melt.

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4/19/2005 3:46 pm

good advice. thanks

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