hard top guy or sexy strappy girl  

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2/24/2005 6:26 am

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hard top guy or sexy strappy girl

I have fantasies of being taken by a guy where I suck his dick good and hard and stroke it for him making sure he feels real good and getting him to cum in my mouth, I roll the hot cum around on my tongue with my mouth slightly open so he can see his sexy product has been delivered to its destination prior to swallowing it and licking is dick clean. I then take his dick and stroke and suck it until it is again hard and let him push his hot cock into my willing ass, slowley at first until it begins to move ever so freely. When he begins to enjoy himself, i talk dirty to him and ask for it deep, its all yours baby and so on. He rides me for a while and the pleasure overcomes resistance and he injects a load into me. The hot cum drips out around the tight seal of his cock in my ass and wets my crack. the slippery hot cum feels nice, knowing it is the product of being able to provide a nice space for him to enjoy and want to hit that ass again soon.
The other fantasy is simular except I am femenized by a strong woman who wishes to excersise her superior dominate being over my willing submisive desires. She takes her strapon and guides it into my mouth and fucks my face as if she were a man making me suck her dick and please her. She feels the power and turns me over to take me doggie style. She shoves the device into me in a more forceful maner than the man did. Like trying to prove a point. Riding my ass i cn feel het tits on my back. The hard slap on my ass as she fucks me and spanks me during the ride. She grips my hips and directs the strapon deeper into my body harder as the back side of the strapon stimulates her clit and she is turned on more and more. When she is done, i dont feel the cum but she removes the strapon and summons me to licke her pussy until she cums.
I like both scenarios, would be maybe more exciting to have both together.
What should it be?
Plan a
Plan b
or both?

rm_Coffdaddy 34M
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5/18/2007 7:01 am

I would love to help with plan A

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