So here I sit...  

dickdodgers803 40M
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7/19/2006 2:31 am
So here I sit...

So here i sit...11 inches of hard meat. Throbbing in my hand. Warming up my palm. I squeeze ever so gently. Thinking of huge tits. What if they were wrapped around my dick. What if I pushed every inch between them until I explode between them. My juice running down the nipples. I begin to stroke my shaft. Thinking about huge asses. How I would sqeeze them as I pound away in that tight pussy. Back and forth. Feeling the lower lips wrapped around my dick as i go in and out. Until i bust a nut all over those cheeks. As i stroke faster on my shaft, i think these thoughts. Until i errupt. Cum running down my hand. And when it's all said and I sit. Thinking of you!

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