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8/27/2005 3:59 am

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Ok gang, sorry to rant again but I just had to let this out! It's too stupid to pass up. So I present for your enjoyment....LIAR!

I was contacted by a man who did not meet two of my qualifications and I decided against my rules to respond to his email. Why you ask? Because he wrote well and seemed to be sincere. After reading his email I was intrigued despite myself. He did a very good job of being flattering without overdoing it and also telling me details about himself. So I figured, What the heck right? What is your next move when you get a interesting email? You read their profile of course!

What do I find? I find a disturbing difference in the age stated on his ad and his age according to his stats. FOUR years difference! This immediately set off alarm bells. If someone is going to lie about something as trivial as their age why should I trust a single word they say? You only have one chance to make a good impression and I pick out future interests by their profile. That's what it's there for! So instead of not responding I send this email. This is a direct copy/paste of what I sent.

"While I find your communications interesting one thing does unsettle me. Your age, your profile says you are 45 and your birthdate says you are 41. Not to sound picky it's just that if there is an age question what else is in question?"

That's it. Even though I had already decided there will never be anymore contact with this person I replied anyway. I must first and foremost think of my safety. If I can't trust you there is no way in hell that I will ever meet you. To my amusement this LIAR sent this response to me.

LIAR-"The simple explaination is , I never give my true birthday on any online questioneer to deter identity theft. My reaction to this point you make is
A. you are very observant
B. you are very suspicious
C. you have violated your own pet-peeve about short answers while attempting a conversation
D. your curt reply/accusation makes a valid point, but the lack of other discussion has not inspired me to look forward to further contact"

Well well, a tad defensive aren't we? Just like a little kid getting caught in the act, he has to try and justify why he's a LIAR.

First, yes I am very observant. I have to be, no one is going to look out for me but me! Don't get upset at me because you can't even lie properly!

Second, of course I am suspicious of a LIAR! Who the hell wouldn't be? Oh wait, why don't you tell me why you will lie to everyone else BUT me? And while I'm at it, here's my full name, address, phone number and social security number. Please please don't stalk me or steal my indentity or even worse try to harm me. WHATEVER

Third, LIARS don't deserve the polite responses I try to send everyone else.

Fourth, Oh I'm sooooo sorry I hurt your little feelings by calling you out on your lies! Here's a hankie.

Here is the rest of this pathetic email

LIAR-"Perhaps you think too much of yourself and not enough of others...........I do realize that this forum is rife with fraud and deception, but to start off with such an accusation, without anything else said left me cold.
Will you next; not reply, reply woth a simple rationalization, or scorch my eyes with redheaded scorn and verbal abuse ?"

Oh I see, because you think that by changing your birthday because for some idiotic reason you think THAT will stop your identity from being stolen and me catching you at lying then I am suddenly full of myself. Oh brother! What a moron. Of course I'm going to start off with an accusation, don't you dare waste my time by lying to me! Life is too short and I would rather be curt (read as:BITCH) and surrounded by people I can trust completely than be a gullible doormat hoping that I will be the one person you choose not to lie to. Take your high school psychology and guilt trips to your mother, maybe she will believe your shit.

Lessons Learned: Not to make an exception to my rules and not to reply to those who don't deserve my time.

"Whoever is careless with the truth in small matters cannot be trusted with the important matters."-Albert Einstein

autodenominator 44M

8/27/2005 4:25 pm

Unfortunately, we will ended up finding people with deceptive profiles anywhere we look online. Sometimes it's something as "harmless" as changing one's age, weight, or whatnot, and others it's far more complex or extreme. Little lies add up. Trust is a valuable thing, and if someone lies to me about something, that's enough to completely shatter that trust in it's entirety. Especially little lies-- there's no such thing as a worthwhile little lie, as it makes one just have to keep perpetuating it when it comes up, often eventually escalating to a much larger lie or group of lies, all out of just trying to keep the little one covered. I'm sorry you had to deal with that... sadly, it's almost easier to put up a filter of distrust and let someone prove themselves trustworthy, rather than give someone immediate trust and risk said trust being abused and/or generally finding ourselves as a result.

Ultimately, one should never compromise themselves for a person they don't know, and certainly one should never settle for less than what they're wanting. Once you find a person you have interest in, and have establish some degree of comfort/trust in communicating with them and being around them, then you can consider compromising with them-- the key think is that compromise is something all parties involved should be doing, not just one person, and it's not fair to you to change who you are and what you want for someone who isn't willing to do some changing for you as well.

If you need to vent, you know how to reach me. I'll talk atcha online later.

P.S. Remind me later, I've got a line on a new author you might want to check out.

out4fun421 34M

9/7/2005 12:51 pm

HARSH... but she has a point...i am honest about my age, it doesn't help me with meeting people on this site but at least i know i am honest and people have to respect that

AFriendwbenafits 50M

9/8/2005 8:10 pm

Not harsh at all IMHO. I have met a few ladies whos stats were not truthful, age, weight, marital status. It pays to be honest. You keep demanding the truth, hon. You are on the right path.

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