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4/13/2006 10:37 pm

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Profile Thoughts

Well, my first week online is over and done with, and I'm still around. The earth didn't tilt off access or the sun collapse, so I suppose things have gone on just fine with me joining the ranks of those using a dating/sex site.

My first thought is that this whole idea is a bit overwhelming. If you go out to a bar, there might be a few women here and there that grab your attention. You wonder if they are attached, if they have something interesting to certainly undress them with your eyes most likely....but you rely on your imagination to fill in the blanks.

On this site. Wow. Boobs, butts, and pussies! Hey, don't get me wrong, I don't think any guy is going to complain about that. It's a little odd that the more conservative profile pictures stand out from the crowd...mainly because they are more rare. I think it also leads to a curiousity of..."what else is there"...leading to opening the profile to see if there is more skin shown.

And of course..theis leads to actually reading the profile. Which is very odd...because in a way, it is exactly like seeing someone out on the notice appearance first, and then personality second. Who knew that there was this tie between real life dating and online dating?

Here are my favorite "first pictures" for profiles....

1. boobs in bra only
2. smiling face picture
3. boobs out of bra only
4. lips
5. hips and above, something sexy on

I admit...maybe it is shallow of me to like boobs in bra better than the face pictures....damnit..I just can't help it! But I'm a boob guy, no doubt about that...and on the face, I think lips are the most sexy that makes sense.

There are probably about 20 or so different types of pictures on here....and I can't say that I don't enjoy any of them. It is a little shocking sometimes to get the full-in pussy view...sometimes that is a little too....close. I have to admit that I would rather be there in person to see that...but hey, I'm not complaining.

The profiles themselves....sometimes frustrating. I hate hate hate the generic profiles. You start reading and then realize it is a computer generated one...are there like 10 profiles you can choose from based on personality types? Not sure what that tells me at all, except that you didn't have time to write.

Of course I can't stand the "stock profiles"....after a day or so it became pretty clear which ones were not real profiles of people...I guess they are used to draw in members.

As for the rest...I responded to some that were very descriptive and some that were short and direct. It's hard to tell the reason why sometimes....I would find myself closing a profile and asking "now what was so different about that one I didin't answer from the one I just did answer...?" And in some instances, there really wasn't much of a difference...

But I spent 3 evenings picking and choosing which profiles to answer...looking through about 200 or so I would think...does everyone do that? I just spent an hour or two a night, and before you know it...that is a lot of profiles running through your brain!

In the end...I answered about 20. Is that too much? Ha...I'm certainly not looking for 20 women....but that was about how many that I really smiled or drew my attention. Some the picture drew me in and I couldn't resist...others, the profile was just like someone I would want to get to know....both in and out of bed. Hey, and a few...well, a few were because the lady sounded like she was...skilled...or amazing in bed! Ha...I'm a big man...I can admit that

Next....any luck yet?

HotTXpussy4U 49F

4/13/2006 11:02 pm

Wonder why I caught his attention?? - - such a hottie, so glad I did!! {=}

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